2022 Women’s T&F Season Preview

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Bellarmine University women’s track and field team took a big step forward in the competition last season by joining the Division I ranks, and Knights coach Angela Hapner-Musk has felt that the program had taken a step forward in its development with him. .

“I’m pleased with our team’s overall performance in a very difficult year,” Musk said. “We’ve seen several school records broken, podium finishes in some relays at conference championships, and especially during the indoor season, a mature acceptance of the challenges the pandemic presented and a focus on improvement. I think, in As a group, we lost a bit of focus during the outdoor season, so that’s going to be something we’ll be focusing more on avoiding this year.”

Elite performances at both ASUN Championships weren’t necessarily a stark contrast to what Bellarmine had seen prior to his ascension. The depth of the conference was a game changer.

“We were familiar with the level of D1 competition from past regular season competitions, but the level at which we compete, both regular season and league, has been high overall,” Musk said. “I’ve overheard a team member say to some rookies something like, ‘Competition is very different from high school. You don’t go to Podunk in the middle of the week, where it’s easy to win. You have to be ready in every encounter to work really hard and sometimes it’s just to avoid getting last place.

“The tops of ASUN and GLVC don’t look too different, but the big difference is what it takes to get into those last 4-5 scoring spots. And with the new members joining the conference, that just going to keep going deeper.”

Here’s a look at the athletes by event groups for the 2022 Knights.

Bellarmine has a large contingent of middle distance and long distance athletes. The Knights are coming off a promising cross-country campaign where several performances have been engraved in the program’s record books.

Second year Judge Pohlman-Singleton (long distance), juniors Emma Wells (middle distance) and junior Anna Wells (long distance) have all established their names in the top 13 of the program’s 5k performance list and the top 18 of the 6k performance list, which ranks runners by PR.

The middle distance crew will also be made up of seniors Lauren Masden, junior Ellie Schröder and Allison Tripure, sophomores Olivia Brown and Chloe Powell, and first-year students madison adkins, Hannah Ellis and Alli Manley. Powell took sixth place in the 800m at the ASUN Indoor Championship while setting a freshman program record in the event.

Seniors Riley Glenn, Abby Jaworski, Morgan Cannapel, Alivia Ryan and Neville Wintergerst-Burch and freshmen Ellerie Heinzmann, Erin Lucette and Trisha Sexton strengthen the body at long distance.

Emma Wells, Schroeder, Masden and sophomore Avery Heden (long sprints) won a bronze medal in the medley distance relay at last year’s ASUN Indoor Championship. Wells, Masden and Powell were part of a quartet that set a new routine record in the 4×800 outdoor relay.

“This group is building on a very strong cross-country season that saw some of the best group performances on the program in many years,” Musk said. “We’re excited to see what the winter and spring has in store for them, but we’re trying to stay patient and stay healthy.”

Hedden and junior Katrina Kamarute were members of the Knights 4×400 relay teams that won silver at the ASUN Indoor and Outdoor Championships last season. Hedden, Kamarute and senior Talia Robinson were part of the group that won fourth place in the outdoor 4×100 relay.

junior Lauren Cox and Gaby Mora and second Gionna Combs participate in short sprints. First-year student Ahmya Baker as well as the long jump and the triple jump.

Freshmen Chloe Freilinger and Emily Stephens (also 800) are long sprinters. Second year Kendal Gibbon will also participate in this area with multis.

Junior Jenna Walker is a hurdler and sophomore Elena Stoughton is a high jumper.

“Our biggest strength with this group continues to be the long sprints, especially the 400,” Musk said. “There are a lot of members recovering from illness or injury at the moment, so we’re really going to focus more on late performances indoors and outdoors. This group has had a very tough downfall. … Having a team fairly evenly split between freshmen/sophomores and upperclassmen was a real blessing, as it allowed us to rely on the leadership and autonomy of those upperclassmen.”

Senior Emilie Tuma will be joined by first-year students Lauren DeBold and Katie Monheimer.

“This is a small group of events with a lot of potential,” Musk said. “Coach (Jalen) Madison is really doing an impressive job coaching these women. Emily has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years and our two freshmen are already showing very promising development.”

Bellarmine will participate today and Saturday in the Jim Green Invitational at the University of Kentucky.

“There’s a good work ethic and good leadership from the members of each event group,” Musk said. “This year our team is not that young – we have a lot more feedback than we had for a few years. And the coaches are really counting on that feedback and expecting them to show our new people what our team is about and create a clear team culture of hard work and caring respect.

“We really want to stay focused on maintaining and continuing to create a strong team culture that promotes accountability and hard work alongside a healthy approach to academic, social and athletic development. Our team has a lot of passion for what we do. I expect that from our coaches and athletes at all levels. But if we didn’t already know that, it can’t consume our identity. I’m sure the last two years, with all their uncertainties and adjustments, have been a clear lesson in this regard.

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