5 games to play after beating Stray

Now that Wander has officially been released, it has become one of the most popular releases this month. Playing as a wandering cat in a post-apocalyptic city is quite fun for many video game fans. In fact, the people who end the story in Wander might want to upgrade to something similar.

While there is already a demand for a Wander BlueTwelve Studio’s upcoming sequel, it doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon given how fresh this indie title is in the market. Fortunately, there are games that can give players a similar feeling to Wander, while potentially offering different ways to play and new stories to explore.


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night in the woods

As Wander, night in the woods lets players take on the role of a cat going on an adventure. There are big differences between the two games, from their art style to the anthropomorphic nature of characters like Mae. night in the woods also has a completely different setting, so Mae and other characters won’t be hanging out with some sort of alien race in a cyberpunk town. But if people are looking for something that lets them play as cute animals, this game will definitely scratch that itch.

Untitled Game of Goose

Whereas night in the woods gives a cute cat more human characteristics, Untitled Game of Goose is basically Wander if the main character was a goose whose main goal was to annoy everyone she met. This is one of the reasons Untitled Game of Goose has become as popular as it has been over the years, as the goal is to act as most people would assume a real goose does in everyday life. The title does a great job of giving users the catharsis of being a big jerk.

goat simulator

Speaking of being as dumb as possible, goat simulator takes that conceit to a whole new level. As Wanderthis title allows players to step into the shoes of an actual animal – although there are certainly some unrealistic aspects to the sandbox world of goat simulator, like headbutting trucks until they explode. Parts of the franchise take “being a goat” in weird and hilarious directions, and this series has become so popular that there will be a sequel called Goat Simulator 3 in the near future.


BioMutant take what Wander has to offer when it comes to portraying the role of an animal and goes even further. Instead of being a cat trying to solve complex problems with just its four paws, BioMutant gives players all sorts of different weapons to solve puzzles and beat combat encounters placed in front of them. It also allows users to change the type of animal or animals they use. Its distant post-apocalyptic setting and lack of humans also ties this game to Wander in a very real way.

Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle is a classic cult game that has many similarities with Wander, set in a city where humans have disappeared and where players take on the role of different animals. The two games are also similar in that they don’t use anthropomorphized animals or mutants, but regular animals in an unusual setting. Tokyo Jungle is also popular enough that a sequel is in demand. Wander might even help to show that a Tokyo Jungle the sequel would be welcome on modern consoles.

Wander is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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