A podcast to follow nine international runners at the Boston Marathon

By Jessica Sisavath

In her podcast, Cherie Louise Turner, a Somerville resident and longtime athlete in cycling, inline skating and running, will compete in the Boston Marathon on October 11 alongside eight other runners on their journey to the Boston Marathon. , Strides Forward.

After riding a bike for a few years, running was always Cherie’s way of keeping herself busy when she couldn’t ride a bike. After cycling and living in Ireland, she moved to Somerville three years ago.

Cherie began her writing career in college, writing about sports and the Sierra Nevada Mountains at the Tahoe Quarterly, where she was commissioned to write a story about ultra-distance runners. Knowing nothing about running, she befriended a woman who has done 50km marathons and learned more about the sport. She had completed her first marathon in the early 2000s and has completed a few marathons since then.

Over the past decade, Cherie has grown into a serious runner, completing ultra-race distances, 50km herself. “I like to run errands, I like to do events, that’s what motivates me. I don’t understand the concept of fitness without training without having a goal like that just me,” she says. “That’s not how I work so I’m always looking for something, you know, a challenge to take on

inspires and motivates me and allows me to aim for something.

She learned that the benefits of running extended beyond running itself. Her writing and athletic skills came together on her podcast, Strides Forward. What inspired the podcast is the 4% percentage of women represented in mainstream media. Strides Forward’s mission centers on narrative stories about competitive athletes that typically don’t get featured in mainstream media. Additionally, the podcast is a thematic show that focuses on health and wellness.

Cherie understood and knew how to be an athlete and a runner, so naturally Cherie wanted the podcast to focus on long distance running, 5k plus, health and building confidence through stories.

The series is dedicated to nine runners from around the world from Massachusetts, Minnesota, California, Canada, Serbia and Thailand. The Boston Marathon has been on hiatus for in-person races since April 2019. Runners will share their thoughts on the virtual Boston Marathon Marathon 2020 and their excitement for the in-person marathon in October.

Rochelle Solomon, Patty Hung, Yaowapa Hoisungwarn, Marija Desivojević, Nicole Spaulding Pinto, Zarah Hofer, Amanda Watters and Jonna Maas all come from different entry points and professions. Patty Hung from Orinda, Calif., Who has completed 34 Boston Marathons, enters the race as a quarter-century runner. Amanda Watters of Ashland, Massachusetts, has completed 15 Boston Marathons.

Cherie had completed a Boston Marathon; both qualified on time, and others like Zarah Hofer from Canada and Yaowapa Hoisungwarn from Thailand are first-time runners. All runners come from various professions, such as writers, teachers, doctors and nurses.

The first part of the series will show how they live their marathon life, started running, recovering, sleeping, eating well and living healthy lives. What’s more, what motivates runners is to stay healthy, to be less competitive, to prioritize mental and physical health and women’s health issues. In a previous series, Strides Forward covered women’s health issues like RED-S and other running issues like cutting calories and stopping periods. The new series will take listeners on an in-depth journey to examine the ups and downs of runners training to run the next marathon.

After October 11, Strides Forward will also be covering runner reactions. Strides Forward hopes to inspire runners and non-runners who stumble upon the podcast to follow these nine runners in its new series, Roads to Boston 2021: 9 runners, 1 finish line. To listen to future episodes, listeners can visit the following website: https://stridesforwardpodcast.com.

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