Belmont man says his truck was stolen while he was racing

Truck owner Andrew Martin shares in addition to losing his only source of transportation, his brother’s ashes were also inside the stolen truck.

BELMONT, NC — Freezing temperatures in the area are prompting many people to warm up their cars before entering, but police warn this could be an open invitation for thieves looking to steal your car. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to a man from Belmont.

Saturday night, Andrew Martin says he was preparing to leave, but never got the chance due to a crime of opportunity.

“The snow had melted, but I wanted to warm up my truck so I started it, went inside to get a bottle of water and a cup of ice cream,” Martin said. “Three to five minutes. I’m going out, my truck is gone.

Mount Holly police say the 2004 Toyota Tundra was stolen just off Martin’s driveway along with his wallet containing his ID card, hundreds of dollars in cash and credit cards. But Martin says not even the most valuable things were taken.

“My brother’s ashes were in the back seat,” Martin said.

Her brother JJ died in October from complications related to COVID-19. The family planned to visit the beach soon to scatter his ashes.

“Now I have no ashes and feel like I let my family down,” Martin said.

According to National Crime Insurance Bureau car thefts with keys left inside accounted for around 11% of all car thefts in 2018. In many cases, leaving your car unattended is also illegal.

“I would never have expected it,” Martin said.

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Martin says he also depends on the stolen truck as his only source of transportation to and from his weekly dialysis appointments. He hopes the truck and the ashes will be returned soon.

“I’m praying for the person,” Martin said. “Pray for her to put her life in order and do the right thing.”

Anyone with information about the stolen truck is asked to call Mount Holly Police Department.

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