Best racing gags on the still good weather in Philadelphia

Only a show like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” could poke fun at neglectful parents and get away with it. Throughout the show’s nine seasons, it becomes tragically (and also hilariously) evident that Mac’s obsessive need to be taken seriously though not by any means intimidating likely stems from her non-existent relationship with her father, Luther.

Luther, who is still in and out of prison, is a terrifying wide-eyed, stony-faced man who may or may not have murdered people in the past. Everyone is terrified of him except two people: Mac, who wants nothing more than to gain her father’s affection (which he never gets because Mac’s schemes always seem to ruin Luther’s life), and “Mrs. Mac” (Mac’s mother), a woman so utterly lacking in class and charm that she couldn’t bother to fear her ex-husband if he had a gun over her head.

Mac often tries to get her to admit that she loves him, but she’s always too busy smoking, growling, ignoring everything and everyone around her, and watching TV to show her any love. that is. No one else who meets her can stand the woman, but Mac is so damaged by her childhood that he continues to seek validation from her.

Okay, we’ll admit it: none of this looks funny on paper. It just seems deeply sad. But trust us, “Always Sunny” can even use that to make people laugh.

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