Bethany Man arrested, charged with hit-and-run involving his elderly grandparents

A Bethany man accused of running over his elderly grandparents and fleeing on Wednesday has been arrested, police officials say.

Bethany Police said the victims are recovering in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to survive.

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A neighbor in a cul-de-sac near Northwest 23rd Street and North Peniel Avenue said she rushed to the aid of the elderly couple on Wednesday night after hearing a commotion outside their home.

Bethany Police learned during the investigation that there had been a fight between Ricardo Rocha, 25, and his relatives over their vehicle. They were trying to stop Rocha from leaving.

“He backed up at high speed,” said Lt. Bradey Schmiedeberg of the Bethany Police Department.

Rocha’s mother spoke to News 9 by phone. She said her son had a history of mental illness and lived with his grandparents. She did not witness the fight but showed up to find her parents badly injured and Rocha gone.

“I just left for two minutes and then came back because my mother called me back,” Rocha’s mother said. “She was afraid of security (sic).”

Police said the victims were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. They also confirmed that officers had already been called to the home and knew the suspect.

“One of our patrol officers who had a description of the vehicle was able to place it under arrest without incident, Schmeideberg said.

Bethany Police transported Rocha to the Oklahoma County Detention Center where he was arrested on two charges of assault with a vehicle and one count of operating a stolen car.

Rocha has been charged and convicted of several violent crimes over the past two years.

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