Brooklyn man sentenced to 31 years in prison for participating in Suffolk-wide drug ring

RIVERSIDE, NY – A Brooklyn man, who used a hideout in Ronkonkoma where he planted drugs in a drug smuggling ring that ran through Suffolk, was sentenced Friday to 31 years to life in prison, the office of Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney.

Prosecutors say that although Keston Braithwaite, 39, lived in New York, he had a hideout on Southport Street in Ronkonkoma, where he “regularly packaged significant amounts of cocaine and fentanyl for local redistribution”.

A search warrant executed at the home recovered over two kilograms of fentanyl, approximately one kilogram of cocaine, six loaded firearms, significant amounts of cutting agents, packaging materials, digital scales, a money counter and about 20,000 US dollars, prosecutors said.

He was a key supplier to a multimillion-dollar narcotics distribution ring based in western Suffolk County between August 27 and May 19, prosecutors say.

Braithwaite was sentenced to 31 years to life on the basis of a previous felony conviction, prosecutors said, adding the sentence was split between 21 years to life for acting as a major drug dealer and 10 years for possession criminal with a weapon.

The sentences must be served consecutively, which means the total sentence is 31 years incarceration to life imprisonment. Braithwaite received lesser sentences for his other nine post-trial convictions, all of which are to be carried out simultaneously.

Braithwaite was convicted on all eleven counts of his indictment in July.

Tierney said Braithwaite’s sentence takes into account the damage he caused to the county “by selling these deadly drugs to vulnerable members of our community.”

“Fentanyl and other dangerous and addictive drugs are a lucrative business for unscrupulous drug dealers, Tierney said. “The illegal drugs they sell not only ruin lives and disrupt families, they kill. And that’s why if you’re caught selling these dangerous drugs in Suffolk County, we’ll prosecute you to the fullest extent.” of the law.

Patch contacted his attorney, Sean Dixon, of Central Islip.

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