CCA Launches Coaching Academy – Atlantic Coast Conference

GREENSBORO, North Carolina ( – Thirteen coaches from the Atlantic Coast Conference recently completed the first cohort of Coaching the Whole Athlete Academy, an eight-week virtual and immersive development program established by the league office that provides coaches with information, tools and skills of a humanistic approach to better meet the needs of the student-athlete.

Coaches in a variety of sports – basketball, fencing, gymnastics, lacrosse, rowing, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field – and experience levels have come together weekly this fall to examine ways to evolve practices and student-athlete relationships to foster a supportive space to thrive and enable them to reach their potential in athletics and in life.

“The response to the CCA Coaching Academy has been tremendous,” said CCA Commissioner Jim Phillips, Ph.D. “This program provides the opportunity for coaches of all sports and levels to experience of collectively learning, collaborating and sharing best practices in working with student-athletes. We look forward to continuing this program and encourage all of our coaches to take advantage of this important opportunity. “

Those who completed the CCA Coaching Academy learned about athlete motivation, emotional intelligence skills to improve confidence and connection, foster an athlete-centered environment, and the main elements of an approach. of transformational leadership. Through personal reflection, peer discussions and interactive activities such as role plays and case studies, coaches developed an action plan for the practical implementation of new strategies within their teams and integrated program concepts to develop their coaching philosophy. Coaching the Whole Athlete Academy is led by lead facilitator Brianna Welch, a 2014 Duke graduate, who also served as an assistant track coach in Vermont for two years.

“Coaching the whole athlete is an experience that can only improve and guide coaches, administrators and all staff working in the field of track and field,” said Notre Dame softball associate coach , Kris Ganeff. “Just because you value your players as people first doesn’t mean that you can’t be demanding and competitive. You can get the most out of your athletes when they know you care. This workshop will stay with me for the rest of my career. “

The Coaching the Whole Athlete Academy Winter Cohort will begin in January.

Coaches who have completed Coaching the Whole Athlete Academy:

First name Last name Institution Sport / Post
Albert Subirates Virginie Tech Swimming / Assistant Coach
Allison Daley Louisville Women’s lacrosse / assistant coach
Amanda Wellick Pitt Gymnastics / Assistant coach
Brent Shelby Pitt Athletics / Assistant Coach
Christophe Duclos Duke Fencing / Assistant coach
Jessica Bracamonte Duke Softball / Assistant Coach
Justin Andrade Pitt Swimming / Associate Head Coach
Kim Landrus NC state Gymnastics / Head Coach
Kris Ganeff our Lady Softball / Assistant Coach
Martin rock our Lady Rowing / Head Coach
michelle Dasso Duke Women’s tennis / Associate head coach
Samantha sly Pitt Gymnastics / Head Coach
Stephanie Norman Louisville Women’s basketball / Associate head coach

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