Charlotte County MP saves man’s life


A deputy was able to save a man’s life after Charlotte County 911 dispatchers received a call for help. This member of Parliament moved quickly to find a man in need.

You can hear the confusion in the call to 911. “911 what’s the address of your emergency?” Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? “

This call may have been an accident or… it could be something more serious.

Zoe Scales is the Communications Operator for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. “You never know what’s going to be on the other line, or on the other end of that phone call,” Scales said.

Charlotte County 911 operators were able to determine where the call was coming from. It was a hotel near Kings Highway and Veterans Boulevard. Then they sent Deputy Lane Stealey to see what was going on.

“I heard a horrible sound that I couldn’t even describe to you, really,” Stealey said.

“I quickly realized that the sound I had heard before was not an animal or a child playing or anything like that. It was the sound of someone who was airless trying to get my attention. who couldn’t speak, ”Stealey said.

It was then that Stealey saw the man. He was hanging from a tree.

“I observed a middle-aged man hanging from a tree with a belt around his neck reaching out to me. And that’s when I got out of my car and started running towards him, ”he said.

Deputy Stealey had only seconds to save the man. “It was definitely probably one of his last breaths if I hadn’t arrived in time,” he said.

Fortunately, Deputy Stealey arrived on time. The man told Stealey he was thinking about suicide. So he climbed the tree and called 911. But then he slipped and dropped his phone.

Stealey praises dispatchers. “If the dispatcher didn’t think it was something serious then the man wouldn’t be alive today,” Stealey said.

Quick thinking leads to quick action which leads to a saving response.

The sheriff’s office says this is protocol to follow with two phone calls when the other end is silent. They send an assistant to respond if they can track the location of the phone.

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