Cleator Moor Marathon Man Gary Mckee gives his final diary entry

MARATHON MAN Gary Mckee continues to participate in his epic 365 marathon challenge, as he reaches the full five-month update.

Athlete Cleator Moor has been running marathons since January 1 this year in a bid to raise £1million for Macmillan Cancer Support and Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

Speaking in his latest Whitehaven News, Gary said: “So that’s 5 months done and 4000 miles covered. Last week I was joined by pupils from Thornhill School, St James, St Patrick’s School (Cleator Moor) and Valley School and they were an honor to themselves and their schools.

“I love seeing the kids getting exercise and enjoying it. Michael Watson is also doing really well crossing the Wainwrights.

“He bagged 351, which leaves him with 149 to go and he hopes to finish them in July. That’s a bit long.

“I’ve had a lot more people join me in running with someone from Manchester at the weekend. He loved it so much he’s coming back this weekend and has committed to running 20 marathons with me. To say that I’m going to be halfway there at the end of this month is crazy but also shows how quickly time flies.

“In 3 weeks the daylight hours will get shorter and summer isn’t even here yet.

“I introduced my 20th pair of running shoes to my collection this week, so if you calculate on average I ran about 200 miles with each pair.

“None are worn out and still provide good support and it’s great that I can rotate them knowing they are helping me in what I do. There is still plenty of time for people who want to join me , be it a mile or a marathon or even do your own fundraising.

“As we say at Tesco, every little bit counts.

“And in a life where we can be anything, be yourself.”

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