Consolidation loan lenders -Consolidate your loans into one fast with us

Consolidate your loans into one fast with us

It seems at first sight that the government approves of this solution. Consolidation of loans works on a simple principle: to buy a consumer’s current credits to offer a new one at a single rate. Result of the races: the amount of the charges due for the credits is decreasing.

In addition, consumers can spread their new debt over a longer period. Admittedly, the total cost of credit is increasing, but the monthly payment is much lower. The report is therefore real: fewer expenses to pay and a real increase in cash or rather the rest to live.

Another advantage is that there is only one interlocutor (the organization that bought the credits). In fact, in the case of imponderable, it is easier to negotiate a deferral of monthly payments.

However, for the financial transaction to be profitable, it is necessary to compare the various proposals according to its needs by focusing on the promotional offers at the time of your request (no management fees for example). In addition, homeowners, for example, will need an organization that buys real estate loans with consumer credit. It should be known that the Lagarde law has put a simple rule on the subject of mixed credit purchases. The rate applicable to the redemption must imperatively be that of the real estate rate if the share of the total amount of consumer loans is equal to or greater than 60% of the total amount of mortgages.

To conclude, credit consolidation is a solution to consider when a consumer feels sore. You must, however, remain cautious and do the comparison according to your needs. Remember that a loan must be repaid.

Being a responsible adult also means managing your cash flow.

Indeed, the man needs a minimum vital to living properly, to have fun, but also to face unforeseen expenses such as anticipating a wedding project or consider saving in case of a hard blow. Did you know that, according to the June 2015 BankFrack report, the average debt in the Laura region, which has a population of just under 2 million, was $ 40,847? Are there any solutions for getting out of debt other than the BankFrack? We make the point with you.

Redeeming credits: a concept in vogue! Households in the four departments that make up Laura are not spared from over-indebtedness. In Temze, for example, there is a rise of 25% between 2008 and 2015. If one analyzes the report of the BankFrack, one realizes that the typical profile of the person in debt distress is a single person without dependent children and unemployed. So, how to get out of this scourge?

It should be noted that the French government has declared war on over-indebtedness and Laura is entering the testing phase. For this active fight, Laura has set up points-advice budget (PCB). The idea is to help Laura to rebalance their budget by offering help, but also to accompany them to creditors for a pool of credits.

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