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A man accused of hitting and killing his wife with his SUV outside a bank in Montgomery County, Maryland, told police on Friday that he and his wife of 40 years were having financial trouble with a wine store and of beer they owned and believed she was spending their money without explanation, according to court documents.

Alka Himanshu Tanna, 59, exited Capital One Bank on the 13,300 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Colesville and was about to cross the parking lot when her husband, Himanshu Maganlal Tanna, 59, mowed her down, rammed into a pillar and then struck her again, police said.

Alka Tanna was pronounced dead at the scene and police took Himanshu Tanna into custody. He was charged with first degree murder.

Himanshu Tanna told detectives he and his wife had money problems with the store they own, according to court documents. Montgomery County liquor license records show the couple own Wheaton Park Beer and Wine Corporation in Glenmont.

Himanshu said that as the company’s lease renewal approached, he and Alka disagreed over whether to keep the store. She wanted to renew and he wanted out of the lease, according to court documents, he told police.

He also told detectives that he noticed money was missing from the $200,000 in cash he kept at their home and that he believed Alka was spending it without giving any explanation as to what. she had purchased, according to court documents.

Harriet McCombs was inside the bank when she heard a loud bang.

“One of the bank employees called 911 and tried to describe what was going on,” she said.

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