Credit card that does not favor its own customers

There are a number of credit cards with bonus features. Cards that give points on all purchases that take place and where the points then give money or products – a kind of “refund”. In some cases, these cards are issued by specific store chains and thus give the greatest bonus when purchasing from these stores. But when the terms are examined, it turns out that the bonus programs are not always so advantageous. From a bonus perspective, there are sometimes better alternatives.

Gasoline card – Not always the best

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Is it always best to have a credit card from the petrol company you often think of? No, those who primarily think about unmanned stations can in some cases profit from laying off and sign another credit card. In any case, if only the bonus is to be optimized. In the following example, a liter of gasoline is estimated to cost SEK 15 Verdala Loan – Too low bonus opens up for better options

The credit card from Verdala Loan gives a 15 cent discount on fuel at manned stations. This corresponds to a bonus of 1%. However, refueling at unmanned stations is given the general bonus, which is 0.3%. However, if at least 1000 liters of fuel is refueled per year, the general bonus increases to 1%. But the general bonus is that bonuses are given on all purchases regardless of where the purchases are made (non-competing stations).

Thus, a person who does not refuel at least 1000 liters will receive a 0.3% bonus on unmanned stations. This can be set against having a credit card that gives a 1% bonus on all purchases. In this case, Verdala Loan does not favor its customers enough, which means that you get a bigger credit card bonus from another publisher. There is another point that shows that Verdala Loan does not favor customers with their own credit card enough.

The discount can be linked to another credit card

Verdala Loan has a customer club called Circle Extra Club. A big advantage is that you can link any account, payment or credit card to this club. As long as the tied card is used for payment at Verdala Loan, the discounts given by the customer club are given. These are largely the same benefits that can be obtained with a credit card from Verdala Loan. What is different is that the customer club only creates a bonus at Verdala Loan while the credit card gives a bonus no matter where it is used.

This gives the following options:

  • Verdala Loan Credit Card – For purchases at manned stations, 1% is given a bonus and for unmanned stations 0.3%. Should refueling take place with at least 1000 liters, 1% is given regardless of how the refueling takes place.
  • Re: member More – The card is linked to the customer club at the first payment. This gives the customer access to the discounts while giving the credit card bonus on all purchases. Thus, when purchasing manned stations, 1% + 1% is given a bonus. That is 15 SEK per liter through the customer club and 1% of the credit card bonus. At unmanned stations 0 + 1% is given. It gives no customer club bonus but 1% credit card bonus. Thus, this combination often gives a higher bonus than Verdala Loan gives to those who have their cards – which may not have been the idea.

Costs, Discounts and other benefits

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What is considered to be most important in credit card choices varies greatly. Some want as high a bonus as possible and use the credit card primarily as a way to get benefits, discounts and bonuses. Others place greater importance on the possibility of part payment, low interest rates and fees or that the card can be used to pay bills.

Thus, for some, Verdala Loan may be the absolute best credit card. Everything is about what you prioritize for benefits. But it is mainly about refueling as cheaply as possible, the card should not be chosen primarily.

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