Credit During Pregnancy

Credit institutions are very cautious when it comes to loans during pregnancy. No official officially dares to mention pregnancy as the reason for the loan refusal. After all, expecting a child is neither a credit-threatening illness nor a sufficient suspicion that the borrower will leave the company permanently.

Pregnancy is often the reason why mothers or couples apply for a loan. The guide summarizes how a loan can be financed despite the addition of a family, which risks and problems lurk. Find out what credit options are available when banks are unwilling to easily accept the desire to have children.

Credit during pregnancy – what’s the problem?

Credit during pregnancy - what

Looking for a loan during pregnancy is not uncommon. Especially the first offspring changes the life situation of the family permanently. Instead of the small, agile city car, a station wagon should become the family’s means of transportation. The old apartment is too small. A loan is to finance the deposit and renovation of a new apartment. Of course parents want their child to have everything. This exemplary list concludes with the loan request for the newly equipped children’s room.

From a human perspective, all the credit requests mentioned can only be approved. Nevertheless, the clerk has some problems knowing the pregnancy. Expectant mothers often choose to go back to work as soon as possible before giving birth. If the child is only in the cradle, the attitude changes. Young parents do not see any problem in this. Parental allowance and child benefit do not make up for the loss of income, but the money is enough to cover the costs.

It remains to be taken into account that the types of income mentioned do not count as attachable income. The clerk must not ignore the discernible loss of attachable labor income and the increase in the attachment limit by the newborn. Otherwise he might even take the risk of liability for damages through incorrect advice. The calculation of his credit sustainability analysis is now based only on an income for three people. With an average income from work, it becomes extremely scarce to prove a budget surplus at all.

Credit Despite Pregnancy – What Should You Consider?

There are many good and legitimate reasons to choose a loan during pregnancy. Nevertheless, expectant mothers should not underestimate the risks. Large borrowing amounts – with normal family income – are not paid back by a borrower within 12 months.

Please ask yourself the following questions:

– Is there still sufficient real income available when the full-time position becomes a part-time position?
– Is there still enough money if one of the spouses chooses childcare entirely?
– Was not only the income from the child considered in the personal household bill, but also the real additional expenses?
– Is the loan really serious until the end during pregnancy?
– Does the investment, for example in the family-friendly estate car, really have to be?

For the first years after the birth, the paid small car is sufficient in 99 percent of all cases. You can only save on the quality of the child seat.

If the decision is made to borrow, with everything for and against, then it is high time to take care. With the creditworthiness of two working incomes, without children, the online loan offers the best chance of a simple credit procedure. If, contrary to expectations, the question of wanting to have children appears in the loan application, many lawyers believe that a lie can be lied to.

At this point, however, we expressly do not want to advise you to be untrue! If there are later repayment problems, no one can accuse the lending institution of providing the wrong advice. The “buck” is up to you.

Serious ways of getting a loan – bank loan despite “baby on board”

Serious ways of getting a loan - bank loan despite “baby on board”

A serious and at the same time classic way out of an impending credit crunch due to pregnancy would be the loan with guarantor or co-applicant. The guarantor’s good credit rating undermines the bank’s concerns about credit security. A close relative who has a personal interest in ensuring that everything necessary for the child is available is recommended as a sponsor.

Together with a solvent guarantor, practically the whole range of regular loan offers is available for loans during pregnancy. In this case, too, our recommendation is to apply for the loan online using a loan calculator. After all, just because creditworthiness allows it, no unnecessary interest expenses have to burden the household budget.

Credit during pregnancy – contact private lenders

Credit during pregnancy - contact private lenders

If you want to apply for the loan honestly, but on your own, during pregnancy, the easiest solution would be to attempt a loan privately. For serious credit mediation from private to private, associations like us recommend the portals Cream bank and Astro Finance. Both loan brokerage portals have built up a very good reputation for conveying difficult credit requests. Another advantage of private borrowing is that the human component of lending does not fall victim to regulations and laws.

Private investors, unlike commercial credit providers, only decide according to their own conscience who they grant a loan to. However, private lenders only meet the request for a loan during pregnancy if the ability to repay is considered secure. Nobody should shy away from trying to borrow. Trying costs nothing. The portals only charge agency fees if a loan is actually obtained.

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