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A consumer loan, next to a mortgage, is one of the most frequently used by Poles when they need extra money and are unable to ask their family or friends for help. If we have a bank account, it seems unbelievable that we would never be offered such an offer. The set also includes commercials appearing on television, radio and the Internet, encouraging to take out a cash loan. Each lender has a different idea to attract customers, but they have one thing in common – the online banking option that allows you to take out a loan without leaving your home. Online credit – this topic will be dealt with today.

What do we gain from the online loan offer?

Once, to take a loan, you needed an advanced action plan. First, a rally around bank branches and asking for available offers. In the meantime, difficulties, because one branch is open until 16.00, the other every second Wednesday until 13.00. In this way, the whole process was extended by up to several days. Add to that any conversations with consultants on the hotline, which move us to their colleagues from another department, and we lose the next hours. Then, after we’ve decided on the best offer for us, it’s time for the formalities.

For many of us, this is an insurmountable obstacle, which is why we give up bank offers and choose a loan from a non-bank company that can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes. Those who survive and complete all banking documents correctly have one more step ahead – waiting for the lender to calculate their creditworthiness, verify them as customers and agree to grant a cash loan. The whole undertaking can take up to a week, which makes life difficult for people who need money urgently. The loan for them is online credit – a product that every self-respecting bank currently has.

What options does online credit offer us without leaving home?

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Although the beginnings of the Internet are already the 70s of the last century, it came to the banking sphere much later. First, more and more banks’ websites were appearing like mushrooms after the rain, presenting their offers and displaying contact details of branches. It took a long time before banks from their sites created platforms for selling products and gave customers unlimited times of the day and days of the week access to their finances. Most of them, like loan companies, also have loan applications for smartphones. This is another nod to borrowers. It is not enough that they can apply for a loan via the network, without a marathon around the banks, it does not limit their place of stay,

At home, on the bus, on vacation or in the garage – we will report the need for extra cash wherever we take our phone with us. Such availability of loans and the possibility of quick and convenient contracting means that more and more often we decide to use them. Studies also show that we are no longer afraid of larger amounts of such obligations, because we can divide them into convenient installments and do not burden the household budget too much. Thus, banks gain customers for many months, so both sides are satisfied.

Credit over the Internet to your account and security?

An issue that raises doubts about some of the clients of financial institutions is security. Certainly many of us have heard stories about how a bank or loan company has pulled huge amounts of money from someone. Of course, this could happen, but you have to take into account that it did not happen for a reason. When deciding to take out a loan, we must be aware that the provisions of the contract and the tables of fees and commissions do not perform a decorative function in it, but have their legal force. So if we do not fulfill our obligations as a borrower, we will bear the consequences. This is the only threat that comes with taking a loan or payday loan – the good news is that we have full control over it and it is only up to us whether we will protect ourselves properly.

Without our knowledge, it is not possible for a bank to appropriate some of the funds from a loan or, using access to our account, illegally seize the funds available on it. Older people in particular are afraid of such scenarios and sometimes for this reason they do not decide to open a bank account. It is difficult to convince them with rational arguments, so for such clients the offer of a company that guarantees the delivery of money to the client’s home will be the most attractive. Others can easily use a bank loan and, after completing the formalities, receive the necessary funds on their account.

What online loan should you choose?

What online loan should you choose?

In order to fund your bank account with additional funds, we face two difficult choices. First, we need to decide if we choose a bank or a loan company as our lender. Secondly – with which institution will we sign the contract, since there are so many on the market.

Online credit in a non-bank institution has the one main advantage that all procedures take place really quickly – both those regarding verification of us as customers and those regarding the payment of a loan to the account. The price for this (and literally) are the higher costs of such a solution. A salvation in this case can be choosing a loan such as Lendon or Vivus, which offer their new clients a free loan. This means that if we repay the loan on time, we will not pay a zloty more than the sum of the liability. The stairs start then, because there is currently no company on the market that would propose a free second, third or subsequent loan. It is also not in the interest of loan companies, so there is no hope that something will change in this matter.

Online credit at a bank, Millennium, PKO BP or ING Bank Śląski involves more complicated procedures and longer waiting times for funds. Nothing can be accelerated: neither the calculation of our creditworthiness, nor the verification of our personal data, nor the analysis of the documents we provide. Banks are procedures and procedures must be ongoing. In return, we get a loan with a lower cost than payday pay. However, if we use the bank’s offer, where we have a personal account, we will also be able to bypass some of the formalities. The amounts we can borrow are higher, and the repayment of the liability can be spread over 9 years. Which online loan is better? Judge for yourself which will be better for you and which will reduce your household budget.

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