Doc Rivers not sure if Ben Simmons will play a game for the Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers are sitting at 15-15 in the 2021-22 season to start a new campaign and it has been a very eventful season. The Sixers have faced a lot of adversity and they’ve had a certain saga going on throughout the season.

Whether or not Ben Simmons will play for the Sixers as he waits for a trade continues to be the big topic when it comes to this team. Philadelphia maintained that they would either like to have a Top 25 player in exchange for Simmons in a trade or have him come back on the squad and play.

However, it looks like Simmons has no plans to play for the organization as he works to mentally prepare to replay as soon as possible. It’s obvious the Sixers are lacking in their elite defense as well as their elite play, which makes a big difference for Philadelphia on both ends of the field.

That said, the Sixers are doing all they can to be a successful team without Simmons.

“We don’t know what we are yet,” said coach Doc Rivers. “Ben didn’t play in a game. You can see the glaring holes he leaves us and he may or may not play. If he’s doing well, if he’s not, then whatever we get can help us, but we don’t know what those factors are. So right now we’re just playing games. Try to win.

Philadelphia has 52 games to play in the season, so they have plenty of time to turn the boat around. It also gives them time to figure out what to do with this Simmons situation.

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