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The Olympic Games, although meeting a lot of resistance, took off successfully between July 23 and August 9. The key moments of the Olympic Games were the historic high jump final with the sharing of the gold medal between the Italian Tamberi and the Qatari Barshim. Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimar Rojas stunned the world by breaking both Olympic and world records with 15.67 meters.

The men’s 100 meters was arguably the most shocking final of the Olympics, after Italy’s Marcell Jacobs won the event in 9.80 seconds. The Italian 4 × 100 quartet also emerged champion. Canada’s Andre-DeGrasse was a “long-time” judged athlete for his share of Olympic gold. He won gold in the men’s 200 meters, having won silver behind Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

West Texas A&M University saw an alumnus and a sophomore represent their home country at the games. Rellie Kaputin, a former long jumper at WTAMU, represented Papua New Guinea, while Benjamin Azamati, current animal science student and NCAA Division II champion, represented Ghana in the 100 meters and the 4 × 100 relay.

After the Olympics, the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon garnered a lot of attention thanks to an athlete, Sha’Carri Richardson. Richardson was banned from participating in the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana use. The Classic was her chance for redemption since she had all the Olympic finalists in this 100-meter sprint. Contrary to popular expectations, Richardson finished 9th behind all the finalists.

The best moments of the Diamond League final on September 6 in Zurich were marked by impressive performances. On the women’s side, Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica and two-time Olympic champion emerged victorious in the 100 meters. Mboma Christine of Namibia, Olympic silver medalist in the 200 meters, placed first. Kipyegon Faith of Kenya won the 1,500 meter race. Rojan Yulimar of Venezuela, Olympic record holder in the triple and long jump, won and set the competition record in her event.

On the men’s side, Fred Kerley, Olympic silver medalist in the men’s 100 meters, won the event. Kenny Bednarek of the United States, Olympic silver medalist, won the 200-meter event. Micheal Cherry of the United States won the 400 meters. Cheruiyot Timothy of Kenya won the 1,500 meters. Olympic high jump gold medalist Tamberi Gianmarco also won in his event.

The continental world track and field tour took place in Kenya on September 18. Trayvon Brommel of the United States ran the 100 meters in 9.76 seconds. Omenyala of Kenya ran behind and set the Africa record with 9.77 seconds. Kerley won the 200 meters and set a personal best. Mboma won the women’s 200 meters, while Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica won the women’s 100 meters.

The most progressive athlete this season is said to be Mboma, who has been banned from running his flagship events, the 400 and 800 meters, due to hormonal issues. She resorted to the 200-meter race, where she won a silver medal behind Elaine Thompson-Herah. Winning gold in Zurich has engraved its name in history.

Kerley, before the American team’s practice, opted for the 100 and 200 meters, leaving his signature at 400 meters. It drew a lot of criticism but shut down all criticism after winning silver in the 100-meter Olympics. Winning the 100 meters in Zurich only tells the world one thing: “Only you know what’s best for you. “

The track and field season is officially over and the next international action would be the World Track and Field Championships in 2022. The venue is the Hayward, Eugene, ORE field in the United States

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