Everything you need to know about finalist Aidan Bryant

On America’s Got Talent season 16, Aidan Bryant came in second. From her audition to the finale, here are some fascinating facts about the air.

Among the many America has talent The Season 16 acts fans saw were Aidan Bryant, and here’s everything you need to know about the performer. Recently he was named runner-up of the season, just behind magician Dustin Tavella, who was crowned the winner. Although Aidan did not win, he had a memorable season as a young and talented competitor.

Aidan, 16, first tried the show through Zoom, then fulfilled his dream of auditioning for the America has talent judges. He came to the show and told the judges he was self-taught. He performed an aerial hoop routine that earned him a standing ovation and a “yes” from each judge. The judges were stunned to find that he had only been training for two years. Sofia Vergara told him he felt like he had been training for ages. Aidan made it to the live shows and excelled every round. Simon called it the best live performance they’ve ever had. He thought Aidan was a star in the making and a potential act in Las Vegas. In his last performance, the usually hard-to-please Simon Cowell was so blown away that he stood on the judges’ table to applaud him, saying that a standing ovation just wasn’t enough.

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The Prince George, Va. Native wanted to try aerial silks after seeing a clip from a Pink concert when he was 14. In fact, the first time he attempted an aerial trick he used a sheet tied to his grandmother’s tree. “I went to my grandmother’s closet, found a sheet, put two straps on it, took a ladder and hung it on a tree in the garden” he said in an interview with Richmond Times-Dispatch. For Christmas, his mother gave him a set of real aerial silks, and the practice of tricks helped him overcome his fear of heights. “When he started doing it, I was like, ‘What are you doing? “” his mother told the AGT cameras, adding: “But then he liked to do this stuff, so I said, ‘Do your thing, as long as you’re careful. “ He first used a lawn mower to help himself climb higher on his aerial platform, but eventually leaned on a golf cart. The show-stop AGT the artist tied part of his rope to the back of the cart. His mother would start the cart, allowing it to hang 20 feet in the air.

Aidan Bryant performing on agt

His mother described him as an entrepreneur rather than an athlete. He’s definitely a nifty guy, and he’s made rainbow weaving bracelets for sale at farmers’ markets, as well as infinity lamps for sale at craft shows. At AGT, she said he’s an amateur, but can’t wait to tell people he’s a professional. This multi-talented artist does so many things well, and his future looks extremely bright.

During the final, Aidan performed a mashup routine with his World Taekwondo Demonstration competitors and Olympic gymnasts Jordan Chiles and MyKayla Skinner. Later he faced the martial arts team and was ultimately the one to reach the top 10. When he secured second place Aidan became the third youngest finalist, after Jackie Evancho of season 5. and Angelica Hale from Season 12.. He is also the second aerial act to be runner-up, after Duo Transcend, who finished second on AGT: the champions season 2. Aidan was offered a new car, even without winning America has talent. He had such an impact on judges and viewers.

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Sources: Aidan Bryant / Instagram, Richmond Times-Dispatch

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