Extra Table is preparing for the 2nd edition of the “Farm to Fork Ride or Run” on April 30

PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – Runners and bikers, get ready to grab your shoes and helmets this April 30.

Extra Table is gearing up for its second annual farm-to-fork race, benefiting pantries statewide.

Extra Table executive director Martha Allen said the goal of this year’s fundraiser is to feed Mississippi for a month, fully funding 55 pantries and soup kitchens across the state.

“When we talk about events and activities at Extra Table we want everyone to really understand the meaning of it, this isn’t just another fundraising party,” Allen said. “At Extra Table, we like to talk during meals. And when we talk about meals, we mean months and what it takes to feed the state of Mississippi for a month.

“So on the Farm to Fork Ride or Run, we’re hoping to raise $ 60,000 and feed the state of Mississippi for a month. So literally this event feeds people. Your participation puts meals on tables for hungry Mississippi families. “

Allen says there are many different bike paths and racetracks for every athlete’s level. Six events will take place at the same time.

“Bike rides crisscross all roads in the county,” Allen said. “They are beautiful, there is a 30, 40 and 62 mile trip. And then there’s a 5-K and a 10-K and a half marathon distance on the track.

“And I know it’s the trace and we’re used to doing it, but we’ll be adding a lot of spicy fun elements and celebrating a few birthdays along the way.”

Even if it is not a runner or a biker, Extra Table will need a lot of volunteers on the day of the event if you want to volunteer your time.

“You don’t have to be an athlete to participate in this day,” Allen said. “We need volunteers of all kinds. If you’re good at helping park cars, we need your services. If you’re a good warm face to be at the help table, we can educate you on the answers to these questions.

“We need help with everything from icing Coca-Cola to flipping burgers. So come help us on April 30.

It won’t be all hard work on the trails, however, with a treat at the end for everyone involved.

“Meet us at the finish line for the finish line party at the barn in Bridlewood,” Allen said. “It will be fun activities and events and drink libations, as well as some really good food. We’re so excited to be able to share great food with so many hungry Mississippians.

Extra Table adopted five new pantries in its network this year and is also committing to donate an additional $ 250 per month to each of its partners, up from last year.

Allen said Extra Table is able to purchase items in bulk with connections to restaurants, so $ 250 goes a long way in providing pantries and soup kitchens with the staples they need.

“So $ 250 is probably closer to $ 650 or $ 700 of food, so now we’re going to ship those extra table dollars to our pantries and soup kitchens and that’s a huge pallet of food,” Allen said. “And it’s so exciting to think about the food we provide in our pantries, it’s usually the items that they don’t get a lot in donations, so tuna and peanut butter are expensive and picky.” to obtain.

“Our pantries love soups, rice, beans and those things that are our constant staples. “

The race has around 1,000 time slots for participants between the six routes, and by the first week of January, 550 people have already registered to participate.

You can register, donate, or learn how to volunteer here.

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