Family seek justice after man killed in Manor hit-and-run

On September 28 at approximately 8:13 p.m. David Ponce, 38, was hit and killed in the south lane of the 100 block of North Lexington Street in Manor.

His family says he was going home for dinner.

“Immediately I just said, ‘no’, I screamed, ‘no, it can’t be,'” David’s sister Rochella Celestino said, describing the moment she found out what happened. had passed.

Police want to talk to the drivers of these vehicles as possible witnesses. They are not suspects.

Rochella remembers the last thing he said to her.

“‘Mi hermana, you know i love you’, so it’s ‘sister, you know i love you,'” she said.

David was very involved and didn’t let any obstacles stop him from doing things at home and around town.

“He was disabled and had a speech impediment,” Rochella said.

“As far as his disability goes, he didn’t think he had one,” said Earl Ponce, his father.

“He was loved by the community. They paid him a nominal fee, he mowed their lawn,” Rochella said. “He started bringing bins every Wednesday, $5 a can.”

“He also had friends on the street, they always picked him up and took him away when they needed extra help. They would stop here and honk their horns, and David was trying to put on his boots, trying to put on his cowboy and at the same time run down the aisle and be like, ‘I’m coming back,'” Earl said.

He was also very close to the people on his street.

“That lady that lives down there, down the street…he always says, ‘She’s my second mom,'” Earl said.

David also had a love for horses.

Rochella says one of the best memories is a moment of calm.

“Him sitting in that rocking chair, peaceful, and I think that was the best thing I could have stayed with,” she said.

David’s family wants justice, and they’re also pushing for change, like more lighting on Lexington Street.

“When I come to visit my parents and see someone walking, I have the hope that it’s him, so it’s not just him walking down the street. It has to be more sure,” Rochella said.

They’re begging for any information that might help catch the suspect.

“If you have a heart, please step forward. I just can’t believe it was left like this on the street, and someone just left. It’s just beyond of how someone human can do that. I just don’t understand,” Rochella said.

“Please just come and say you made it. Come help us, help this family and help David, he probably wants to know,” Earl said.

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact the Manor Police Department at [email protected] or 512-272-8177 and ask to speak to Sgt. Struble.

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