Fans slam Running Man’s latest episode for using violent and dangerous play

Viewers of the longtime Korean variety show Running Man were disappointed with the production team’s choice of game. The game show saw guests attempt to smear opponents’ faces with blue powder using a bag. At first it seemed like the game would be fun, however, the more you watched, the more dangerous the game got.

It’s unclear if the production team took any safety precautions or even tried out the game before it premiered on the series. On the one hand, even the guests were surprised at the impact of their movements on their opponent.

Why did fans criticize the latest episode of Running Man?

The episode in question Running Man aired on October 24. Episode number 576 saw guests Jung Jun Ha take on Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook was known for his strength, and comedian Jung Jun Ha may have exaggerated his fall when he was hit with the bag full of blue powder. However, he said it hurt. Even Kim Jong Kook was surprised by the sound they made as they slapped each other.

Viewers noticed he had tears in his eyes when the game was played. Other groups of participants Running Man included Jeon So Min and Kim Jong Kook. She too had to face the wrath of the blue bag, but tried to keep the smile on her face intact.

A screenshot of the reactions of Korean netizens (Image via theqoo)
A screenshot of the reactions of Korean netizens (Image via theqoo)

What made the game dangerous was the time that was given to the guests to complete their task. In no time, as opponents rushed to stain their faces, the strength of their hands increased and left an impact. They were about to slap each other insanely.

Viewers of Running Man also believed that the choice of the game showed a lack of interest in the actors of the production team. Korean netizens reacted online as one questioned whether the producers were aware that their show was popular with young people who would certainly try to replicate the game in real life.

Another fan agreed and asked if it was really necessary to introduce such violent games to Running Men fan base which also consisted of children. Another viewer also wondered why they don’t fit with another body part like limbs or back. This fan considered the move to be degrading in addition to being dangerous.

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