Feetures showcases passion for movement and blister pack solution in new campaign

“We created our product to improve everyone’s performance, knowing that each of us is meant to grow in our own way,” said Hugh Gaither, Founder and CEO of Feetures.

Feetures, the # 1 performance running sock in the United States, has announced its “Meant To Move” campaign, a celebration of the marathon season, covering all channels of its brand. Feetures has partnered with Arts & Letters Creative Co. to connect with runners and share the brand’s core message, to support runners and athletes in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle. .

“At Feetures, we’re passionate about the running community we’ve found over the past twenty years,” said Hugh Gaither, Founder and CEO of Feetures. “We created our product to improve everyone’s performance, knowing that each of us is meant to grow in our own way. Feetures Socks are designed to be skipped so you can focus on your next step, wherever it is. This campaign celebrates both our heritage and the marathon season, and we couldn’t have thought of a better partner to exemplify that with Arts & Letters Creative Co.

“Movement is at the heart of the Feetures brand and at the heart of this campaign,” said Lauren Albee, Creative Director of Arts & Letters Creative Co. “When you have the right socks, you can spend less time. think about how your feet feel and have more time to move. ”

“Feetures was started by a runner who loved to run but recognized that socks were a bit like ‘forgotten gear,’ said Arts & Letters Creative Co. Creative Director Matt Skibiak.“ We wanted to develop a campaign that reflects this whole story. I never thought about my running socks before working on this campaign. The irony is that they made a sock that you don’t think of, so I guess I’m from back to where I started, only better.

Founded by and for runners, Feetures Socks are the number one sock choice for marathon runners. The Feetures product line is anatomically designed for a tailored fit, with targeted compression to stay in place, prevent blisters and aid recovery. On this basis, Arts & Letters Creative Co. developed the “Meant To Move” campaign synchronized with the 2021 marathon season which targets both the product and the athlete.

Blisters Suck is an integrated campaign spanning social, digital and retail including a first aid kit for the feet called “Shoulda Worn Feetures” which includes bandages and a pair of blister protectors . The work highlights how Feetures product innovation made blisters preventable; The anatomical design and targeted compression eliminate friction and absorb moisture into the material keep feet dry. The “Shoulda Worn Feetures” kits were distributed at participating JackRabbit stores in New York City prior to the marathon.

For the marathon season in particular, Feetures celebrates 26.2 as the embodiment of people who are ‘made to move’ with a Marathon coffee table book that is 26.2 long and a series of stories. 26.2 Slide Instagram: “Weird Marathons Around the World,” “26.2 Reasons Blisters Suck” and the real and surprising reason a marathon is 26.2 miles.

26.2: A Marathon Story by Feetures, devotes a section to each kilometer traveled and describes the eight emotional stages of running a marathon (excitement, denial, shock, isolation, despair, the wall, affirmation and exhilaration) . In addition to printing 250 copies of the book, which were sent to prominent members of the running community, several broadcasts were shared on Feetures social media and shared via ground teams with runners during the Boston Marathons. , Chicago and coming to New York.

Further information on Feetures can be found at http://www.feetures.com, and more information on Arts & Letters Creative Co. can be found at artsandletters.xyz.

About the features:

Founded in 2002 by Hugh Gaither, sock connoisseur and avid runner, Feetures performance socks were created to support runners and other athletes in their quest for a healthy, active lifestyle. Feetures is focused on offering products designed to help everyone reach their best. The brand is a family business based in Hickory, North Carolina, founded on technological design, innovation and sustainability. Committed to the quality of their product and the satisfaction of their customers, each Feetures product includes a lifetime warranty.

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