Five things to know about Laura Muir

Laura Muir is one of the best middle distance talents the GB squad has seen in quite some time – and right now it’s a crowded area. But what do you know about her? Read on to find out the five things you absolutely need to know about the Scottish runner.

She is a qualified veterinarian

Along with her promising athletic career so far, Muir has an impressive fallback option: she is a qualified vet. Muir graduated from the prestigious Glasgow University Veterinary School in 2018 while competing at the highest level. In 2016, she was already breaking records and won her first senior outdoor gold medal at the European Championships in August 2018.

“It was really hard” she said Runner’s World United Kingdom in 2018. “I was running to classes a lot, being in vet school all day. But you just have to train afterwards, you have to be flexible in your race. ‘

There is one race in particular that she would like to compete again …

In 2014, Muir competed in the women’s 1,500m final at the Commonwealth Games. With only 100m to go she was comfortably seated around third or fourth place, but at a crucial moment she was cut from behind and finished in 11th place.

She said: “I guess it wasn’t really my fault, but if I could do it again, I would probably make sure I was well clear of anyone in the last 100 yards, so I could actually finish correctly. ”

She owns a historic double-double record.

In 2019, Muir became the first athlete in history to achieve the “double-double” – two gold medals in two successive competitions – at a European indoor championship. She won gold in the 1,500m and 3,000m, repeating her success in the same races at the Belgrade Championships in 2017.

It was a convincing victory on Muir’s pitch in Glasgow, beating second-place Sofia Ennaoui by almost four seconds. It also helped the British team win a record 12 medals.

Muir’s trainer, Andy Young, said of his new record: “She accumulates medals and wins with incredible style. So she is a real world star – she is starting to become a world star in sports, not to mention athletics.

She was congratulated by British athletics royalty

In the UK middle distance race, few people are praised more than Seb Coe. After Muir’s exceptional performance in Glasgow, Lord Coe could not hold back his compliments for the Scottish rider.

According to The Guardian, Coe said: “There is absolutely no doubt that she could win gold in 2020.” She came with a package. The difference between the good and the big is the ability to change the pace, whether it’s breaking free from defenders or running away from a peloton. This is what she has.

Neil Black, who was UK Athletics’ performance director at the time, echoed Coe’s praise: “She clearly has the ability and she has demonstrated the performances that suggest a gold medal in Tokyo is possible. . And I think she’s almost becoming a phenomenon. She joins the type band Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah. Obviously there’s a bit of a way to go, but that’s the way she’s got it. made.

Her diet is remarkably clean – she doesn’t even drink coffee

Even for an elite runner, Muir’s diet is extremely strict. She tends not to drink alcohol, for example. “It’s not something that bothered me too much,” she said Told RW earlier this year. “If someone gave me the option of drinking chocolate milk or wine, I would choose milk. “

This philosophy even extends to other substances. In an interview with The Guardian in 2018, she said she could count the number of paracetamol she had taken in her life on the one hand.

She said: “There are drugs that are great – like paracetamol – but if something is painful, I don’t want to cover it up. Yeah, you can take something if your Achilles ignites but I like working through the pain. ‘

She limits protein shakes to the recovery period after a championship. During and after workouts, she prefers to stay natural – water and a banana do the trick. She doesn’t even drink coffee.

“I tried it once but it made my heart beat faster,” she said.

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