Former 4Minute Member Nam Ji Hyun Signs With New Agency

Former 4Minute member Nam Ji Hyun has signed with Urban Works Media!

On August 8, Urban Works shared, “We signed an exclusive contract with Nam Ji Hyun, who is multi-talented in a wide variety of fields. She is an artist that we look forward to even more in the future. We will not hesitate to give our full support so that [Nam Ji Hyun] can show you its light energy and various charms through various projects.

After debuting as a member of 4Minute in 2009, Nam Ji Hyun has since starred in dramas like “Strongest Deliveryman,” “Grand Prince,” “Monkey and dog romance,” “When the devil calls your name,” “lonely enough to love,” and more. She recently played law student Na Se Ryun in SBS’s “Why she?

Nam Ji Hyun commented, “I am very grateful to meet such a good agency with good people, and I feel reassured. I want to go step by step and present many different images.

She continued, “Using my promotional experience so far as a base, I plan to showcase many different images and sides. [to myself], regardless of gender and field. I work hard to greet you often through acting, music, YouTube and more with no limits to my content, so I ask you to look forward to it.

Urban Works Media is currently home to former IZ*ONE member Kim Min Ju, Lee Seo Young, Lee Cho Ah, and more. The media agency/group also produces popular variety shows and dramas such as “Running Man,” “The Return of Superman,” “radio romance,” and much more.

Start watching Nam Ji Hyun’s latest drama “Why Her? below!

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