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For many student-athletes, returning to their alma mater after graduation is not common as some go pro while others head to their respective work force. But that was not the path former cross country Marquette and now assistant coach Mary Hanson took.

Hanson, who has had an illustrious career with the Golden Eagles, is back in Milwaukee for more after graduating last spring.

However, it’s not about continuing to take various courses in the Midwest, but rather coaching from the sideline as she joined head coach Sean Birren’s staff as an assistant coach. this season.

Hanson transferred to Marquette from Indiana State University in 2016.

Hanson transferred from Indiana State University in 2016. During her tenure as Golden Eagle, she progressed from year to year. Hanson’s 5K time (personal best) was 19: 21.0, which improved to 17: 50.0, while his 6K the time was 22:02.1, which dropped to 21:22.8.

“It was really wonderful racing for Marquette,” said Hanson. “After a tough first year in Indiana, I joined the Marquette team and it was an incredibly welcoming environment. Honestly, I felt like it was a new sense of community that I had hardly ever really experienced before. It was a great time. It continued with a lot of great experiences with the team. “

Hanson said the experiences she had while on the team made her want to return to her new role.

She further mentioned that coaching is in her DNA.

“I come from a family of coaches and teachers”, HAnson said. “My dad trains, my mom’s whole family trains so I felt like it was something I expected to do at least to some extent. I planned to help out to some extent.

Hanson began his coaching journey by securing a training scholarship to Loyola Maryland this summer, under the guidance of former Marquette volunteer coach and now Greyhounds head coach Amy Horst.

Hanson said she learned a lot from Horst, which helped her transition into training at Marquette.

“That doesn’t mean my transition was easy, especially with COVID-19, but it was really rewarding and super rewarding to come back to Marquette knowing what I now know about coaching. ” said Hanson. “If I had gone directly from athlete to coach at Marquette, it would have been interesting. Having this space to grow as a person has been helpful to me. The team was helpful to me and I hope I have returned the favor to some extent.

Senior runner Kendal Pfrimmer, who ran alongside Hanson for two years and saw her as a mentor, said Hanson’s training style has already had an effect on her and her teammates.

“Mary the athlete was extremely motivated and talented. In first year, she was the runner I wanted to be. So, it was huge to have it. She’s been a huge role model for me, ”Pfrimmer said. “As an athlete, she was 100% in every race, every practice. She was an easy person to be around because she loved sports.

Pfrimmer said Hanson brings a concise manner and approach to the team.

“She teaches us everything she knows and puts it in us athletes,” Pfrimmer said. “Not much has changed from her as an athlete to being a coach. She does a great job.

Birren said Hanson is able to connect with first-year and sophomore athletes the same way she does with senior runners, who were teammates with her.

“We have such a tight-knit team, they know its history. He’s someone they’ve learned to trust, ”said Birren.

Birren said he brings a lot to the team and the coaching staff as a whole.

“A young and strong female presence that women can admire,” said Birren. “For me personally, it’s a huge relief to have consistent help that you can trust. From the children’s perspective, too, knowing that there are enough people to care for them has been a huge blessing. ”

With Hanson’s first season as an assistant coach nearing completion, with the team having regional championships coming up, she is in the process of receiving her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

“After doing the one-year scholarship at Loyola, I made the decision to come to Grad School and help coach at Marquette,” said Hanson. “It really has been one.”

This article was written by Johnnie Brooker. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @ Brookerj21.

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