Freehold man charged with leading million dollar fraud scheme

A Freehold man can go to jail until 2041 if convicted of leading a financial scheme where he raised around $ 1 million.

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Monmouth County Acting District Attorney Lori Linskey announced on Tuesday that Anthony Giordano, 43, has been charged with stealing around $ 1 million from five victims through fraudulent stock and ticket purchases to order.

Giordano is now charged with two counts of first degree financial facilitation of criminal activity, second degree theft by deception and second degree misconduct by a corporate official in connection with the thefts that took place. over a period of almost three years between July 2015 and April 2018.

His scheme ended and ultimately resulted in an indictment after investigators learned that he had used false pretenses to obtain funds from his victims, who although they were buying stock or loaning money. money to its various companies such as Nue Trition Weight Management, Nue Pens LV, Nue Pens FL, Nue Resource Financial and Nue Resource Funding.

Giordano pushed the needle even further by convincing the people he was defrauding to believe the companies were or were going to be successful, Interim Attorney Linskey said, but he didn’t really make an effort to turn it into a reality.

The victims then began to be suspicious and asked Giordano to provide financial documents demonstrating the value of the companies.

He didn’t either.

Acting prosecutor Linskey explained that Giordano used the funds he obtained for personal expenses such as travel, gasoline, entertainment, dry cleaning, gym membership, restaurants and monthly payments for the car – instead of using the victims’ money, investments to finance its businesses – thus, the victims did not receive a return on their investments.

If you have any information about this program, you are welcome to contact Monmouth County Attorney’s Office Detective William Kelliher at 800-533-7443.

Giordano faces up to 20 years in state prison for these first degree charges.

The case is being pursued by Monmouth County Assistant District Attorney Lawrence H. Nelsen.

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