Giancarlo Stanton fly ball tricks Matt Vasgersian, John Sterling

Listen, when Giancarlo Stanton hits a baseball extremely high and extremely hard, it’s usually obvious that the ball will leave the outfield.

The New York Yankees outfielder’s power is a modern legend and it seemed like another chapter had been written when he hit a towering flying ball into left field in the first inning of the American League game. Fenway Park’s green monster is infamous for swallowing home runs, but this one looked crushed.

Unfortunately for many involved, especially Stanton himself, the flying ball was not a homerun. He hit the top of the Monster and bounced back into play, where Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo was there to make a quick play.

Several shows believed Giancarlo Stanton had reached an HR

Stanton’s flying ball fooled a number of people, from the player to the crowd to the broadcast booth.

This clearly fooled Stanton, who released an occasional home run on what would turn out to be a ball in play. The result was one of the hardest-hit singles of the season, a red-faced Stanton in the game. first goal and no points in the first inning for the Yankees. Joey Gallo struck out to end the inning a batter later.

He cheated on ESPN play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian, who exclaimed “Oh, he’s got another one. He’s got another!” before he realized the ball had rebounded in play.

More importantly, the bullet fooled Yankees radio host John Sterling, who made an appeal several degrees louder than Vasgersian:

The transcript of a call Sterling would most likely want to resume:

“The pitch to Stanton, drilled! There you go. Deep to the left, it’s high, it’s far, it’s gone. Out of the stadium! A Stanton home run … now what do I do? Did I do wrong? What did I see wrong? He is at first base.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time this season that Sterling has called a home run that wasn’t. A replay of a previous home run by Aaron Judge made the veteran announcer believe it was the real deal in July. In this case, it was easy to blame Sterling having to stop the game from a distance, but there was no such excuse on Tuesday. The pound sterling was definitely in the stadium.

However, no such mistake was made in the next half inning, as the flying ball from Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts landed permanently in the stands of the central field.

The first inning was just the start of an eventful game for Stanton. He nearly hit a home run again in the sixth inning, only to hit the monster and see Aaron Judge get sent off at home on a questionable kick off from third baseman Phil Nevin. And then he hit for real in the ninth inning, but that wasn’t enough to keep the Yankees from being knocked out.

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