Hebei man apprehended by police for killing girlfriend by running over her

Photo: PCP

A man from Tangshan, in north China’s Hebei Province, was apprehended by local police for ramming his girlfriend into a car and repeatedly running over her until she died on Tuesday.

The suspect surnamed Zhang punched and knocked down the woman surnamed Wang while driving a car past a local swimming pool around noon over some argument, according to a statement released by local police on Tuesday afternoon.

Zhang fled the scene after the incident and Wang was rushed to hospital but still died despite urgent rescue.

Video clips circulating the internet show a gruesome scene in which Zhang ran over Wang while driving a white SUV into the parking lot before bystanders attempted to move Wang to a safer location.

However, Zhang drove the car and rushed towards passers-by and repeatedly ran over the woman lying on the ground. Even a parking lot next to the woman was pushed to move by Zhang’s vehicle.

A huge circular trail suspected of blood was left on the ground where Zhang’s car passed.

Zhang was captured by local police around 3 p.m. Tuesday and the case is still under further investigation, according to the police statement.

A pool worker told the media that Wang was a pool staff member. Prior to the incident, Wang was working as usual.

The subject of the incident made the rounds on Sina Weibo on Twitter in China on Tuesday afternoon and sparked public outcry for a thorough inspection, with many netizens criticizing the suspect’s brutality and questioning the governance of local authorities, since the incident of harassment and beating. against women at a local barbecue restaurant which happened just in June had sparked outrage on Chinese social media platforms with its focus on protecting women and safeguarding public safety.

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