Hines Family Creates Athletic Scholarship Through ‘Perpetually Purple’ Program

NATCHITOCHES — Father Rudy Hines and son Blake Hines wouldn’t trade anything for their experience as Northwestern State student-athletes, and the Hines family wants to help others create their own NSU experiences.

The family launched the Hines Family Track Scholarship to benefit a track student-athlete who is also involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“I couldn’t have gone to college without an athletic scholarship – it was a blessing from God,” said Rudy Hines. “We were in better financial shape once Blake went to NSU, and we feel it’s our responsibility to give back to a school that has been so good to us.

“(NSU football coach) AL Williams gave me an opportunity, and (NSU track coach Leon Johnson) gave my son Blake his chance, and our experience here as a student-athletes couldn’t have been better.”

Rudy Hines was a catcher from 1975 to 1978 and ran on the track for one season under coach Jerry Dyes.

Son Blake followed in his father’s footsteps and competed as a 400 meter runner and intermediate distance hurdler from 1999 to 2005.

Rudy Hines has also been honored with NSU’s Hall of Distinction, which recognizes business leaders who have made significant contributions to the College of Business.

“Rudy and Velma have been bleeding NSU purple for a long time, so their desire to establish a scholarship that will have a lifelong impact on NSU’s athletics program and one of its student-athletes makes perfect sense. “said NSU Director of Athletics Greg. Burke. “The fact that they are establishing the scholarship in honor of their son, who followed in their footsteps as a die-hard Demon fan, makes this announcement even more special.”

The endowed scholarship is established under NSU’s ‘Perpetually Purple’ program, which aims to increase the Demons Unlimited Foundation’s endowment from the current level of nearly $2.6 million to over $5 million. .

The ‘Perpetually Purple’ program has grown to nearly 90 endowed scholarships that allow NSU to provide a sustainable source of scholarship funding separate from efforts to supplement the annual athletics program budget with donations, partnerships with businesses and special fundraising events.

“The ‘Perpetually Purple’ endowment program continues to grow and strengthen the Athletic Department’s ability to provide the full range of scholarships in all sports within NCAA guidelines,” Burke added.

A minimum commitment of $10,000 is required to create an endowment fund, but this fund can start from any initial donation.

Endowments can be made by an outright gift such as cash, a stock transfer or sale of property, a life insurance policy, or can be included as a provision in a will or legacy.

Arrangements can be made to fund an endowment over an extended period of time.

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