How will the Eagles use Jalen Hurts in the running game going forward?

Hurts has been brilliant running the football on RPOs (run/pass options), engineered runs, runs when he takes off in the event the receivers are covered as well as quarterback stealths. Philadelphia’s running game ranks fourth in the NFL, averaging 160 yards per game.

Having Hurts as a threat, as a player who takes off and goes, is something defenses need to consider every week. Sirianni will continue to dial in Hurts as part of the running game, knowing the No.1 continues to play smart and avoid defenders when able to do so.

“He’s smart with the way he takes hits. He won’t be able to completely protect himself every play, but he knows how not to take a hit. I mean, you’ve seen it. He’s really sneaky. He ran one yesterday on an empty play, kind of got out of the pocket, and he’s got the linebacker trying to tackle him,” Sirianni said. “He drives his left foot into the ground and then makes a cut, and now that guy you thought, oh, he was about to get hit, with how sneaky Jalen is, he’s about to get hit, he’s not taking that hit. So we trust Jalen. We talk about trusting Jalen, we also trust him in these scenarios not to take big hits. Again, you’re not going to be completely perfect with this. Jalen is going to be like all of our other guys at this point in the year where you’re five games in, right now your body isn’t going to feel like it started training camp.

“So he’s like all our other guys. But do we always try to be smart with him? Of course. We don’t want to put him in danger. There’s a difference between running him recklessly and really going through every play. of when he’s a threat running and say, “Are we going to endanger him?”, which we do anyway. If there’s anything that looks muddy, can -maybe a ball will get spit in a certain part of the field, we talk about it and say: “Is it worth it? Is the 8 yards we’re going to gain worth it on this particular one?” Most likely, the answer is no.

“So what you see are the pieces that we feel comfortable with. Again, is this going to be perfect? ​​No. But what you see on Sunday are the pieces with which we feel comfortable putting him in this scenario. What you “I don’t see is obviously how we protect him when we say ‘scratch that, take that out, move that, change the technique this guy’s blocking technique here. And I don’t want to go too far into that because I think it would be a competitive advantage if I went too far, but let’s change this guy’s blocking technique here to allow him to not not take that hit that we don’t want him to take.

“It’s a constant part of our discussion. So we’re taking a lot of things out, we’re keeping things that we know we need in our offense, but also the technique and the fundamentals of guy blocking missions are modified to protect it as well.”

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