Ian Bold on track for the 10k running challenge

A FORMER Warrington Town player is set to take on his challenge of running 10k every day in 2021 tomorrow on New Years Eve.

Ian Bold, who was successful with Town, went out for a 10k on New Years Day 2021 to clear his head and 364 races later, he is nearing the end of his challenge.

Ian – who has lived in Great Sankey for 17 years – was originally scheduled to stop on the 200th downhill, but he kept pushing.

The 44-year-old said: “It started from there. We got to the six month mark and people suggested that if I did all year round they would donate a reasonable size, which encouraged me to do this all year round.

“It got harder to quit and I think I’ll have a hard time quitting because it’s just become a habit.

“It’s good because you run everyday, you stay in shape and you don’t think about anything during that hour.

“My knees still allow me to continue. I’m a little more sore than last time because you get the feeling of lactic acid in your calves the next day, but as soon as you have done a mile it is gone and you can continue with it.

There were times when the race was unsuitable during the day, but Ian persevered.

“I would almost feel a little guilty if I didn’t run now. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be running everyday for the rest of my life because there will be days when it isn’t practical, ”added Ian.

“I left in the summer and after taking the early ferry to France we drove over eight hours.

“We arrived in Bordeaux around 8:30 pm and I hadn’t run that day. All we wanted to do was relax, have a glass of wine, have a bite to eat but instead I did my 10k.

“It’s the kind of days when I wouldn’t run because it messes up something else, but because I’ve been doing it for charity for 12 months, I had to go that day.”

“It took control of my life in a nice way, but it’s not something I will do every day in the future.

“It will be good not to run on New Years Day, but if I’m going to get up and feel like running I don’t know, but it will be good not to have to run.”

Ian – a former William Beamont High School student – has surpassed an initial fundraising goal of £ 500. He has now raised over £ 2,700 and is on track to hit his end goal of £ 3,000 for two charities.

Ian is about to end New Years Eve

The former Yellows man chose Speed ​​of Sight, a charity in Bolton, which runs race car events for blind and disabled children and young adults to give them that joy of driving.

He also chose Prevent Breast Cancer as co-director at Aqueous Digital, Emma Guy, breast cancer survivor and ambassador of the association.

Ian – raised in Orford – continued: “There is around £ 250 in pledges once this is done. Guy I won’t name said I was missing £ 3,000 on January 1st he will top it up.

“The sooner I can get there, the better as it would be great to give the two charities £ 1,500 each.

“It’s not that I have a preference for either pair as they are both fantastic, but it will be very special for the speed of view as it will pay off for a lot of people to have this. driving experience.

“You instantly see the effect charity has on people.

“Anyone who donates to charity needs a huge boost. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone no matter what they donated.

“I hope before the challenge is over we may even be able to go over £ 3,000.”

You can donate to the cause here.

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