In the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Google updates free dinosaur racing game on Chrome browser

Google updated its free dinosaur racing game to mark the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with new themes. Some of them now show our favorite dinosaur doing athletic moves over an obstacle.


  • The Google Dinosaur minigame has been updated with new themes.
  • Special Olympic Events can be accessed by collecting an Olympic Mini Torch in the Classic Game.
  • The backgrounds have also been updated based on the event.

As the 2020 Summer Olympics begin in Tokyo, Japan, Google is bringing the theme of celebration to its Chrome browser. The famous dinosaur that we often see running around the browser when there is no internet will now sport the Olympic colors and flags.

Google has updated its mini dinosaur game to mark the current Olympics. For those who don’t know, the little game can be played while you’re offline on your Chrome browser and is often a fun way to pass the time while waiting for internet connectivity to recover.

As we know, the game involves a pixelated dinosaur that runs endlessly in a straight 2D path. Users are required to continue this race for as long as they can while avoiding obstacles encountered on the way of the dinosaur.

Google has now tweaked the game to represent a few goodies from the Olympics. The game still starts out in the old school theme, but players will be able to see Olympic torches on their way. Collecting them will turn the game into one of the many Olympic events.

One of them is a hurdle race that converts obstacles into hurdles, and by pressing the space bar, the dinosaur, who now has an athletic look, would jump over the hurdles. Gymnastics-themed, the T-Rex is seen wearing a leotard and somersaults over obstacles.

Another shows the dinosaur in a swimsuit underwater in a swimming pool. Players have to press the space bar to dive deeper into the water to avoid obstacles. Another iteration of the game features a surfboard race, with dangerous waves as obstacles.

All events also feature custom backgrounds with various depictions of the Olympics. Interestingly, the race now doesn’t end with a puzzled dinosaur when it hits an obstacle. Instead, our star athlete receives a gold medal for his efforts every time a race ends in one of the Olympic themes.

Google is known to captivate its users by updating its services according to events in the world. We see this a lot with Google Doodle, but our favorite T-Rex somersaulting to a high score is just too good to miss.

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