Individuals shine for Indiana Women’s Athletics at Gladstein Invitational

Indiana Women’s Athletics competed in its first home meeting of the season over the weekend, the Gladstein Invitational, at Harry Gladstein Fieldhouse. Indiana has hosted athletes from across the country, including the University of Cincinnati, Oakland University, University of Dayton, Eastern Illinois University, Lipscomb University, Louis University and Butler University.

The Gladstein Invitational is the first meeting of the season in which Indiana pitchers have participated. Head coach Ron Helmer gave his athletes more time to practice, which proved instrumental in the team’s final results at the invitational.

Senior Madison Pollard and rookie Jayden Ulrich took first and second place in the women’s shot put. Pollard threw 16.39 meters and Ulrich threw 15.50 meters. Ulrich continued her successful weekend with a second-place finish in the women’s shot put, setting a personal best of 19.31 metres.

“I still have a lot to work on, but I was grateful for this extra week of training,” said Ulrich.

Freshman Mahogany Jenkins competed in the women’s high jump and triple jump. In the high jump, Jenkins finished in first place, towering over the bar at a height of 1.77 meters, which is just below his personal best of 1.81 meters. Jenkins received a lot of support from his teammates on his final jump after missing his goal of setting a new personal best.

In the women’s 60 metres, second Alyssa Robinson and rookie Morgan Snow both qualified to compete in the event final. Robinson finished first in the first run with a time of 7.51 seconds, which automatically qualified her for the final. Snow finished second in the second run with a time of 7.69 seconds and qualified for the finals with the fourth fastest time overall.

In the 60-meter final, Robinson took second place with a time of 7.48 seconds. Snow, who finished fifth with a time of 7.66 seconds, is just 0.03 seconds off his personal best.

Snow also competed in the women’s 200 meters, finishing first with a time of 24.95 seconds, just 0.55 seconds off another personal best.

“I’ve talked to coach (Ed) Bethea a lot about how I can improve and get back to my best,” Snow said. “I watched my race to see how I can improve and get back to where I was.”

Indiana took first, second and third places on the podium in the women’s 400 meters. Sophomore Lauren Thomas was first place with a time of 55.70 seconds. Freshman Maria Anderson followed in second with a time of 55.93, and second Elizabeth Stanhope rounded out the top three with a time of 58.17 seconds.

Sophomore Ana Barrott and freshman Alyssa Skorge competed in the women’s 3,000 meters. Barrott finished in first place with a time of 9:42.19 and Skorge finished in fourth place with a time of 9:55.49.

In the 4-x-400 relay, Indiana fielded its A and B teams. Indiana’s A team finished in first place overall with a time of 3:46.44, highlighted by performance dominant Morgan Snow in the first slot and Alyssa Robinson in the second slot.

Indiana’s B team did not finish due to an unknown runner who was unable to participate. Similar to last weekend at the Simmons-Harvey Invitational in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Helmer decided to always send the three runners who were able to participate.

“One of the things we have to take away from these competitions is work,” Helmer said. “If we have eight people for two stints and all of a sudden we have seven people, I don’t want to tell the other three people that they can’t finish their work week. We always want to work. »

The goal for the Indiana women is to keep working at the start of the season, and the team will have another chance to improve next weekend during the IU relays next Friday and Saturday at Harry Gladstein Fieldhouse. .

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