Iron Man’s 10 Best Inventions, Ranked

It’s not easy being Tony Stark. He’s not just someone who runs his own business and lives the life of a debonair playboy. He is also a genius inventor who has revolutionized technology on several occasions. And more than that, he’s also a superhero who occasionally works with the Avengers or alone to save the world. Having to balance all of this is not easy.

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But having billions of dollars to test ideas before putting them into practice has helped him on more than one occasion. And Tony Stark’s intelligence allowed him to make inventions that were just as useful to him as an Avenger as they were to running his business.

ten Repulsor Tech was an infinite source of clean energy

Iron Man's Repulsor Technology

In the 2000s, Marvel retconned how the Iron Man armor worked. Rather than the armor running on electricity, it ran on a new version of power. This power was known as Repulsor Tech, named after the energy blasts that came from his palms. Repulsor technology had the ability to power the Iron Man suit, or any armor, for years without needing to recharge it. This run also featured Tony Stark trying to sell a version of Repulsor Tech that couldn’t be weaponized to the people.

9 eScape created a virtual world where everyone could be Iron Man

Iron Man Getaway

Tony Stark’s most recent invention was the eScape virtual reality device. A device capable of creating infinite virtual worlds, it was supposed to be Stark Unlimited’s biggest and best invention. It worked to spec, but of course Stark has too many enemies to make it that simple. Some of his enemies hacked into the eScape, setting a trap for Tony Stark and forcing him to accept certain truths about himself that he wasn’t quite ready for. In the end, Stark conquered the eScape and was forced to shut it down, but it was a great idea.

8 Iron Man’s armor saved the universe

Tony Stark Pays Tribute to Eadweard Muybridge Running Man on Iron Man 17 Cover

Iron Man’s armor is Tony Stark’s most impressive invention. It was made alongside fellow scientist Ho Yinsen and originally worked on any power source, including being plugged into a wall.

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Eventually, Stark upgraded the armor so that it was effectively made of mail and was no heavier than regular clothing when he wasn’t wearing it. But once the armor was polarized, it would become tough enough to repel any attack and absorb heat and cold of almost any temperature.

seven The Stark Navigator was over a decade ahead of its time

Iron Man Stark Web Voyager Solutions

In 1998 Tony Stark invented a new navigator called Stark Voyager. It was supposed to be a superior version of Internet Explorer, with features that are actually more commonly used today. It had the ability to keep frequently used web pages in an offline capacity, so that users could use it without being connected to the internet. It also had an assistant that analyzed what the user was doing while surfing, which is similar to how social media works nowadays to recommend things the user doesn’t.

6 The Stark Phone Was A Smartphone Years Before Smartphones Were Popular

Stark Industries has been developing phones since the late 2000s. Tony had the Stark Beam 01, which was better than any other phone on the market at the time. He also had access to high-speed Internet via satellite and could be connected to any computer by various methods. These are all features that are standard in the modern era, but all of these ideas were several years away when they were introduced to the comics in 2005.

5 Tony Stark’s flying car allowed him to travel fast without revealing his identity

Iron Man flying car

The flying car has been a dream of people for decades. At one time people thought that flying cars would be possible by the year 2000. Nowadays people recognize this as an impossibility for a number of reasons, but mostly because most people don’t have no reason to try to fly a plane. But Tony Stark has been using the Iron Man armor for years, and piloting a flying vehicle is something he has a little more experience with. So it’s no surprise that he built his own flying car when he doesn’t feel like being stuck in traffic.

4 Transformation Watch lets Tony become Iron Man anywhere

Iron Man Transformation Watch

Iron Man has had incredible ways to weaponize himself over the years. But one of his best might be when he created a way to arm himself using nothing more than his watch. He originally did this in the 70s when he clenched his fists in a pre-arranged move that would send a signal for his armor to polarize.

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This must have been considered a bit overkill as it was written later and things reverted to its classic briefcase. But it reappeared in the 2010s when Brian Michael Bendis gave Iron Man a new armor that could transform into any other version of armor as needed.

3 Extremis 3.0 could rewrite people’s biology through an app

Tony Stark and his Extremis app from Superior Iron Man

Extremis was essentially a more technological version of the Super Soldier Serum, capable of completely rewriting human biology. He could actually grant superhuman powers to humans. Although Tony didn’t create it, he eventually improved it. While Superior iron man, he figured out a way to keep it from being weaponized and distributed it to anyone who wanted it. It effectively allowed people to completely rewrite their appearances and become “perfect” people. This was a major problem though, as he was trying to charge people $100 a day to access Extremis 3.0 or else he would shut down. Fortunately, all of this was restored the day after the Secret Wars scenario when everything was restarted.

2 Tony Stark invented cars and bikes that could become Iron Man armor on short notice

When people write Iron Man, it’s hard for them not to lean into all the other infamous mecha tropes that end up in the anime. So many anime over the years have seen their creators pilot armor that was originally a vehicle they were driving. In several instances, Iron Man has had different versions of his armor that he can access from vehicles. During his time in the Avengers, he once drove a car that could transform into Iron Man armor. Whereas in Iron Man it was a motorcycle that performed the same function. Iron Man’s armor may no longer fit in a briefcase, but it’s still accessible anywhere.

1 Friday’s AI helps control armor

Iron Man designed Friday’s artificial intelligence that was to offer him advice and serve as his personal assistant. As the suit became too complex to fly without a version of Extremis, she also became someone who could help her operate the suit as well. Friday, however, was such a well-developed AI that she was capable of sentient thought. And she came to dislike being forced to be trapped in Iron Man’s armor, leading Tony to develop an actual robotic body for herself.

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