It’s a bear week talk

Have you seen Jaire Alexander around the building in the past few weeks? We all hope his shoulder heals the right way. Talent aside, he’s such an easy guy to find.

No question. I have always enjoyed my previous interactions with Jaire. But as reporters, we haven’t really been to the locker rooms or the squad areas since the 2019 season. So I can’t really say that I “saw him around” because I don’t see anyone. who is not in practice or in the media auditorium.

How do the infractions compare statistically so far this season?

The Bears are bottom of the league in yards and 30th in points. GB’s defense must keep them there.

Yelich hasn’t been the same since he injured his knee. Do you think this is a case of yips? Maybe more mental than anything. What can he do to regain his MVP form?

That’s the million dollar question everyone is asking. He had the bad knee injury, the back problem this year. It was tough and he’s as frustrated as anyone I’m sure. The Brewers need their attacking MVP for 22 and he knows it.

Any thoughts on Bears RB’s situation? Looks like the rookie had a pretty good second half last week.

Yeah, they seemed to be handling the ball pretty well without Montgomery. Williams looks fast and slippery. It’s good that the Packers have a part of him on film to study now.

Other than Mack & Quinn, I don’t know much about Bears D. Who should you watch out for?

Well, those two guys you mentioned have 9 1/2 of their 18 bags, so there you go. Roquan Smith is a damn good player too, and Akiem Hicks is still a monster to deal with on the inside. Jaylon Johnson is a solid corner kick, and the safety duo of Eddie Jackson and Tashaun Gipson have been playing together for some time now.

I know several Bears fans who are very high on their team right now. Obviously the defense is as good as it usually is, but what are the Bears holding their hat offensively?

Fields’ growth as a talented rookie QB will determine where this attack goes. It will learn and improve on the fly. He already looks a lot more comfortable than when he took over from Dalton, in my opinion.

In order for the Packers to win on Sunday, does that player need to have an escape game (not one of the Big 3 Jones, Adams, Rodgers)?

Offensively, it doesn’t matter who, as long as a complementary piece plays a big role. Two weeks ago against Pittsburgh, it was Cobb. Last week I thought it was Dillon. Maybe this week it’s Allen Lazard or Robert Tonyan.

It’s crazy how every or almost every field goal that the packers intend, they have a player stealing from the edge in Mason’s face. What do you think of the operation of the kicks mentioned by Matt LaFleur?

I thought the protection was improved from what we saw. His other comment on the operation, I understood, meant either the snap or the take or both.

I see the Bears’ defense as similar to the 49ers. Powerful front 7 and young secondary. I suspect the ball will be out of Rodgers’ hand quickly this week.

It might be true, but I wouldn’t call it a high school kid. Young around maybe, but like I said before, these securities have been around for a while now.

Thanks for chatting today, Mike. What do you think of the Bears potentially leaving Soldier Field in the near future?

It just seems strange. But anything is possible. I know from friends and family who live in the Bay Area that it’s not the same now that the Niners are playing in Santa Clara. I imagine it would be different in Chicago too if the football team played out of town.

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