It’s worth it | ‘Homicidal All-Stars’ is a turn-based strategy game set in a dystopian future Hellscape coming soon to PC

Homicide All-Stars is a hugely popular sensation for a future society torn apart by extreme income inequality, corporate greed, climate change, civil unrest and war. As a competitor, you must survive in deadly city arenas filled with deadly traps, puzzling puzzles and heavily armed killers.

Defeat your enemies, become a star and you could win it all!

Each episode of Homicide All-Stars features a new hellish obstacle course with a distinct theme and challenges. Avoid and disarm traps, overcome ambushes, seek out helpful sponsorship packages, and be on the lookout for particularly nasty surprises from the show director. Once the chaos is over, you’ll head backstage to rest and recuperate: record a confessional, chat with your fellow challengers and the show crew, then level up and customize your loadout for the next night of dangers mortals for the amusement of the public.

Main characteristics:

  • Challenging Strategy Gameplay: Immerse yourself in a campaign complete with in-depth tactical combat mechanics that will test your skills across a variety of handcrafted levels.
  • Create your perfect team: Build your team from a range of classes with their own skill trees and customize their loadouts with powerful weapons, implants and utilities to meet the challenges of each episode. Upgrade your characters and discover unique strategic synergies to survive.
  • Face ruthless enemy rivals: An array of vicious killers equipped with heavy weaponry and advanced cyborg augments will force you to adapt your tactics to emerge victorious.
  • Survive a spectacle of gore and violence: The heartless, bloodthirsty masses love watching players get torn apart by sadistic traps, environments, and ambushes. Unleash bloody finishing moves and fiery explosions to dazzle the audience as they cheer, but watch out for special surprises from the director, who delights in breaking the rules to keep the crowd hooked.
  • Become a legend: Defying death with skillful play will make you a star. Build your fame, gain new fans and sign sponsorship deals to unlock bonus rewards to help you win the show.
  • A classic revenge story: Outstanding experience, American Gladiators-style action and attitude inspired by sci-fi epics like RoboCop, Escape from New York and The running man.
  • Onboarding Twitch Audience: Twitch streamers can invite their viewers to join the carnage, voting in real time on which events they’d like to see in-game. Will their beloved fans help them in a heartbeat and get the train rolling? hyped? Or will they choose violence and send the streamer to their doom?

Homicide All-Stars comes to PC (Steam and GOG) in 2022.

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