Jill Tennyson is promoted to head athletics coach at St. Mary’s Ryken

Jill Tennyson

Leonardtown, MD- St. Mary’s Ryken (SMR) is pleased to announce the arrival of Jill Tennyson as Head Athletics Coach. The position was previously held by Coach Gary Wynn who was just announced as head football coach.

“Coach Jill has had such a positive impact in the SMR community,” said athletic director Jon Lombardo. “She started as an assistant cross country coach and since that day Jill has gained more responsibility and more opportunities to be part of the SMR community in various roles. Now, in addition to being a resource teacher part time full and head cross-country coach, she will take over as head athletics coach.

Coach Lombardo continues, “We are so lucky to have Jill in our community because of her positive presence, competitive spirit and willingness to organize and execute with care. Jill’s process-oriented mindset as an educator has helped our cross country team experience unprecedented growth in the 2021 season with over 30 student-athletes in the program. I look forward to seeing the same growth and development for athletics rooted in compassion, humility, simplicity, confidence and zeal.

“My immediate goal is to have a group of athletes who want to work hard and learn athleticism,” Coach Tennyson said. “We haven’t had a track season in two years due to COVID-19, so my juniors are still new to track. I have great faith in the upper classes who will rise as leaders and lead our team to success in our competitions and at the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC).

Long term, Coach Tennyson aims to be competitive in all events. “The beauty of the track is the wide range of events that require unique skills. Good teams have athletes in the sprint, jump, throw and distance events. I would like to strive to have such a diverse team and being a WCAC contender.

“I hope to bring the joy of hard work to the program,” Coach Tennyson said. “Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about running and that I love athletics. I expect to work hard, but I also want athletes to have fun and learn. Anyone can s improve if he has the right attitude and commitment.

Coach Tennyson has a doctorate. in Education from George Mason University with a concentration in Sports Management, Student Services and Special Circumstances. She earned a Master of Science in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Abilene Christian University.

In addition to her new coaching role, Coach Tennyson will continue as the Cross Country Resource Teacher and Head Coach at SMR.

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