Junior Wolves build one position at a time

LINCOLN – Lincoln first-year head coach Mason Wann got a good look at his squad in action during a scrum Thursday night in Lamar.

The team come together as the season prepares to open Thursday at Elkins.



Great rookie Kale Jones moves from running back to starting quarterback for Junior Wolves.

“He’s one of the best athletes on the team, he’s quick, very sneaky, not afraid of contact,” Wann said while noting that Jones is a freshman quarterback learning his role. , who is no longer a runner at the moment, but has a good arm.

Eighth year Kayden Job and rookie Caden Brewer are the substitutes.

Traffic jams

Lincoln spins two guys to share running back and running back duties for freshmen Ruger Remington and JR Hall. Remington is a downhill runner.

“Remington is more like a murderer from the back, he can perform arm tackles,” Wann said.

Wann describes Hall as “more of a shifting guy,” who isn’t super fast or athletic, but does the little things like catching the ball out of the backfield.

“It will be successful on short runs,” said Wann.


The quick Brewer plays wide receiver where he was among the top producers in yards gained last season.

“He has good eyes, catches the ball really well and is good in space,” said Wann.

Freshmen Colt Cushing, Sawyer Copeland, and Bryson Karber deepen the receiving body.

“Cushing didn’t play last year, but he has good hands and a very good football IQ,” Wann said. “Sawyer Copeland played a bit last year. It has good speed and can stretch people.

Karber is another child who returns to the program after a year off.

“He’s a good sized kid who takes on tackles,” Wann said, noting that Karber will play the tight end when the Junior Wolves transition to this type of attacking lineup.

Freshman Tristan Garner has a good height and runs well. Payton Seamster works as a teamster.

“He’s been engaged all spring and summer,” Wann said while praising Seamster’s work ethic as his approach to football.

Traegen Pathkiller adds depth.

“He’s a good athlete, we’ll see what he can do as a wide receiver,” said Wann.

Offensive line

Eighth tier Kayden Jobe moves to the offensive line as a starting center to fill a vital role where his size and athletic ability generates impact at the point of attack.

“He grew more,” Wann said.

In eighth-grade custody, Josh Stokes is another athlete who could play in the backfield and is given two numbers in case he is called upon to carry the ball.

“He’s strong, has a thicker frame and could play the ball for us,” Wann said.

Other goaltender Bryson Sams is a returning starter with the flexibility to play any position on the offensive line and the know-how to do so effectively.

“He’s probably the smartest guy we have. He can move around,” Wann said.

Left tackle Lucas Wilson is new to football and showing potential.

“He’s learning the position. He’s a good size, he’s not slow,” Wann said.

Two guys are competing for the other starting point in the straight tackle, Remington, another flexible athlete who can play in the backfield, and Shane Dryer.

“Shane Dryer is very raw. He’s a good size, but he’s very new to it. If he and Wilson can figure that out, they’ll help us on the offensive line,” Wann said.

Jordan Kelley and Eli Kelley add valuable depth on the offensive line, as does Ty Moss, who is strong and moves well.


Defensive line

Wilson lines up at the defensive end with Job guarding the nose while good-sized rookie Sams plays a defensive tackle. Outside linebackers Karber and Jones switch to the defensive end as the junior Wolves move into a four-man front.


Inside linebackers Stokes and Jones start with eighth-grade student Gabe Hernandez.

Moss attracts the attention of coaches with his enthusiasm and coaches see him as a linebacker or on the defensive line.

“He’s not afraid of contact. He’s going to hit people. We’re trying to find a place for him,” Wann said.


Cushing played well as the cornerback in the scrum at Lamar on Thursday. He came in and hired blockers to help contain the advantage and cover the passes well.

“Honestly, he’s just a football player. He defined the advantage well and faced blockers,” Wann said.

Copeland isn’t bad in terms of coverage at the other cornerback spot while Garner rotates both cornerback and safety.

“He runs well, we just need to make him coach better,” said Wann.

Brewer started every game last season in free safety, offers good cover and is flying into the game.

Seamster is playing it strong security. Garner rotates and Pathkiller will split the time between safety and the outside linebacker.


Footballer Remington kicks off and takes up the football aspects of the kicks. Jones hits well and is athletic.


Last year, the Junior Wolves competed in 3A-1 for the first time since the 2011 season. Neither the coaches nor the players had much experience with any of the conference opponents, but will be more familiar. this time around dealing with infractions varying from the Wing-T look of Cedarville to the look of Charleston and maybe a little taste of everything else.

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