K-pop idol taken to hospital ahead of Queendom 2 live stream finale

Kep1er Kim Chae Hyun had a problem due to health issues a week before Queen 2 reached its live final.

A few days before the highly anticipated showdown, Queen 2 became the hottest drama of the week after creating the most buzz in news articles, online communities, videos, social media posts, and more.

It beat other programs in the fourth week of May, topping How do you play?, Be Mbitious, Running Man, and Alone at home.

But the excitement was somewhat dashed when fans started to worry about Kim Chae Hyun’s health.

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Kep1er Kim Chae Hyun Suffers From Health Issues

On Thursday, Kep1er’s Swing Entertainment and Wake One agencies delivered shocking news through the girl group’s fan cafe.

According to the statement, Kim Chae Hyun would revise her schedule for the Queen 2 live broadcast due to health concerns. She had also been taken to hospital, although the press release did not reveal her exact status.

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“Ahead of the ‘Queendom 2’ finals today, while continuously training to show the fans the best performance, in conjunction with nerves for the competition, Kep1er’s Chae Hyun suffered a sudden poor condition and is currently receiving a hospital treatment,” the two companies said. . “For fear of becoming a disadvantage to her team, Chae Hyun is doing her best to recover due to her own will to participate in the final performance of ‘Queendom 2’.”

Swing Entertainment and Wake One have revealed that Kim Chae Hyun will be absent from other activities while they adjust the final performance schedule.

Queen 2 Winner revealed

Although the episode has yet to air internationally, a briefing has already spoiled fans and revealed the winner of the female idol contest.

In the Last episode, the scores of the six teams were tallied a few days after the release of their last songs. Brave girls (Whistle), Hyolyn (Boom Waka), Kep1er (Girls), LOONA (Laid), VIVIZ (Red sun) and Cosmic Girls (WILL HAVE) competed to win the crown.

However, LOONA and Cosmic Girls ended up going against each other. The show finally hailed the cosmic girls as the winner after scoring 81,020 points.

LOONA came second with 77,988 points. VIVIZ (54,419), Hyolyn (48,761), Kep1er (46,976), and Brave Girls (45,896) came after LOONA and Cosmic Girls.

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