Kedon Slovis knows what game he will play with the game in play

Kedon Slovis will have to replace former Pittsburgh Panthers star and current Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett. It’s intimidating, but it’s not unfamiliar territory for him.

Slovis had to replace the best quarterback in Desert Mountain history, Kyle Allen, who is now on the Houston Texans roster. At USC, Slovis replaced current West Virginia quarterback JT Daniels, who was the second-highest rated QB to sign with the Trojans and a former Gatorade National Player of the Year.

The pressure of competition never scared the Arizona native. Kedon Slovis understands he will have competition for the starting position and will need to beat veteran Nick Patti to start against West Virgina on September 1.

Trojan Thread: How does it feel to be one of the hottest QB names in the 2023 NFL Draft class?

Kedon Slovis: I’m really lucky to have had all the attention over the past two years, but I couldn’t have gotten to this without the help of my teammates and my coaches.

Trojan Thread: You are led by six points with three seconds left, it’s the 3rd and the goal on the 10-yard line. Which game do you call for the win?

Kedon Slovis: We were actually in a very similar situation a few years ago, dropping five points with the ball on the 15-yard line and one on the left in the game. We called a post concept to isolate the safety and ended up hitting the inside post for a touchdown to win the game.

Stay tuned for part three of our Q&A with former USC Trojan QB Kedon Slovis.

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