Lakhimpur man Sumit Jaiswal in viral video SUVs crushing farmers reveal everything exclusively on India TV

Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish was accused by farmers of violence in Lakhimpur Kheri in which 8 people, including four farmers, died on Sunday. While the investigation is ongoing in the case, several videos of the incident have surfaced and are being reviewed by the respective agencies. Meanwhile, farmers and opposition leaders, including Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, others are calling for the arrest of Ashish Mishra. However, his father and the BJP minister denied that his son was present at the scene.

On Tuesday morning, a video went viral on social media in which a man was seen getting out of one of the cars amid the violence and running away. Farmers and opposition leaders claimed that this man was Ashish Mishra.

But both the Union Minister and his son have denied being at the troubled site and said the person who can be seen running away from the jeep in the viral video is Sumit Jaiswal, an employee of the BJP.

Following this, Indian TV reporter Pawan Nara tracked down Sumit Jaiswal who described what happened on Sunday when violence broke out in Lakhimpur.

Sumit Jaiswal, who is a member of the Shivpuri district of Nagar Palika Parishad Lakhimpur, told India TV about the whole incident and also about the viral video.

Speaking to India TV, Sumit said if he had stayed there or if he got stuck he would not have been alive today. He never thought he would see his friend die in front of him.

Sumit said: “We were going to bring CM MP Keshav Prasad Maurya to the scene … a lot of people were protesting on both sides of the road in Tikunia … They suddenly attacked our jeep … the disbelievers in front of me dragged along my driver and started hitting him with sticks. “

He further added: “They did the same with my friend Shubham Mishra… seeing this it shook my heart… I managed to escape from there. If I had stayed there or stuck I wouldn’t have been alive today. I never thought I would see my friend die in front of me. Shubham’s passing is a big shock to me, which I will never forget. “

Sumit further stated that Ashish Mishra was not present at the scene and was in the wrestling program.

On the issue of crushing the farmers, Sumit said, “Why would we want to kill a farmer… they weren’t looking at the farmers from any angle… they were disbelievers. There is a big conspiracy behind this incident. “All the disbelievers seemed to be strangers. In all hands there were sharp weapons and they were screaming. Stones were thrown at our vehicles, the jeep lost control. My driver was injured in the eye.” . as he pushed the jeep aside, a crowd of people dragged him. “

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