Lisbon athletics assistant mentors her star hurdler: her brother

LISBON, Iowa (KCRG) — The Drake flag is one of Iowa’s most prized sports assets. Mount Pleasant graduate Hannah Becker even held one in her hand, but she couldn’t keep it.

“I had mine taken away in high school, we actually won the shuttle obstacle (and) got the flags, we were going to start a victory lap,” Becker said,

But someone from Becker’s team made a false start and she had to surrender her flag.

Today, as an assistant coach in Lisbon, she could see her name at the top of the rankings: it was her brother Kole.

“I haven’t really heard of many people being coached by a sibling or on the same team,” Hannah said. “I’m just so grateful to have had that experience, it’s something I’ll never forget.”

State hurdles and long jump champion Kole Becker has been coached by his sister for three years

“It’s really good to have her as an assistant because I’m already close to her as well,” Kole said. “She can tell me the truth without having to worry about my feelings.”

At first, the little brother was a bit skeptical. But he soon realized that Hannah, who was a heptathlete and from the University of Central Missouri, knew what she was doing.

“In first grade, I sometimes turned her down because I didn’t think she knew what she was talking about,” Kole said. “But as I mature, I know she’s giving me the guidance I need and doing what we need to do to get better.”

Coach Hannah Becker was really excited when Kole presented Lisbon with their first-ever Drake flag, but it was nothing compared to big sister Hannah Becker.

“There’s video, and you can just hear me screaming almost bloody murder all the way.”

Hannah says it’s amazing that she can not only coach one of Iowa’s top track and field athletes, but also watch her little brother grow up.

“Especially coming from a small school, athletes like him come once in a blue moon, Hannah said. “The fact that he’s my brother and the fact that I’m able to train him, it’s just God doing a miracle. I feel like I’m just going to cherish those memories for the rest of my life. .

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