Live recap in the Lou Classic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Blue Raiders took part in the 20th Annual Lou Cross Country Classic Live on Saturday. The meeting took place at the EP Tom Sawyer Park in Louisville, Kentucky.

The race for men’s college gold kicked off the day for MT. The men’s team finished 15th with three student-athletes placing in the top 65. They average a time of 24:48 and had a deviation of 1:40.

In the race for women’s college gold, they did a little better than the men. The women’s team finished the competition in fifth place with five riders among the top 65. Their average 5 km time was 17:31 and had a gap of 46 seconds.


Live in the Lou Classique | Louisville, Kentucky. | EP Tom Sawyer Park

8k gold CC men
42. J. Choge 24: 19.3
60. L. Mosito 24: 35.1
61. H. Kimaiyo 24: 35.2
107. B. Rono 25: 03.7
184. H. Toroitich 25: 59.2
223. C. Cannizzaro 26: 39.5

5k CC Gold for Women
12. E. Chepkemei 16: 58.9
45. M. Chepkurui 17: 37.0
46. ​​F. Rono 17: 37.0
48. J. Jebor 17: 38.0
62. N. Limatukei 17: 45.4
119. C. Cunningham 18: 21.8
267. F. Jebor 19: 37.3


The Blue Raiders Cross Country team will travel to the Arturo Barrios Invitational in College Station, Texas on Saturday, October 16.

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