Maidstone’s mummy breaks Guinness World Record in London Marathon

Forget about walking like an Egyptian – a businessman from Maidstone broke a Guinness World Record in the London Marathon by running like one man.

But Andrew Roberts, of Boxley Road, only won the title after an unexpected battle with another athlete dressed as a mummy.

The moment Andy received his Guinness World Record Photo: Andy Roberts

The 39-year-old, who runs supplement company Pharmaquipe, said: “As I got off the train to the pits for the race on Saturday, another man got off the train in the exact same suit for the exact same time. same record. “

Andy found his competition to be pretty tight as his opponent was aiming to finish the race in a similar time, around 3.30am. The previous record was 3:59.

He said: “I went from assuming I was going to get this record all of a sudden thinking I probably wouldn’t because when I set my PB I didn’t have to wear a ridiculous costume, ”he said.

The disguise was part of a plan to get more sponsorship for its part in the 26.2 mile challenge, canceled in 2020 and delayed to April 2021 due to Covid.

So far he has raised nearly £ 2,000 for the Motor Neuron Disease Association in memory of his stepmother Sheila Clarke, who lost her life to the disease a few years ago.

Sheila Clarke, with husband Andy Photo: Andy Roberts
Sheila Clarke, with husband Andy Photo: Andy Roberts

He also ran the 100km Thames Path Challenge last month and hopes to complete a 100 mile race at Samphire Hoe this weekend.

Mom started the race six minutes early, which Andy said was lucky because it “gave him something to chase.”

He managed to pass his opponent at around 17 miles and was able to stay in the lead until the end of the race, crushing his PB and finishing in 3:17.

Andy said breaking the world record almost left him in tears, adding: “It really hit me when I crossed the finish line, not just for the personal success of doing it, but for the difference that money from fundraising would make to people with Motor Neural Disease.

“I had to step aside before calling my wife. I gave myself a minute just to think it over.

Andy raised almost £ 2,000 for MNDA Photo: Andy Roberts
Andy raised almost £ 2,000 for MNDA Photo: Andy Roberts

Click here to donate to Andy’s fundraiser

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