Man convicted of sex crime released from prison when MP opened door, report says

IDAHO FALLS – An Idaho Falls man who escaped from Bonneville County jail before traveling to Mexico is back in custody.

Elias Diego-Bradley, 20, is charged with criminal escape after the August 10 robbery from prison just a day after being convicted of two counts of voyeurism. Diego-Bradley appeared in court Thursday after his arrest last month by US marshals and Mexican law enforcement in Tijuana, Mexico.

Prior to sentencing, Judge Dane Watkins Jr. put Diego-Bradley on the detailed work program, according to court records. But due to a large number of inmates on the retail, Diego-Bradley was never called.

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Around 8 a.m. on the morning of the escape, Diego-Bradley had not been called out of the dormitory area for work details but arrived with the crew anyway. Diego-Bradley dressed with the rest of the details. Minutes later, a deputy noted that there was an additional inmate and yelled in the reservation area for another deputy to bring Diego-Bradley back to the dorm, according to court documents.

“Diego-Bradley tried to rush the door in what appears to be an effort to run, but the door was already closed,” wrote an MP in a report. “Diego-Bradley waited and went back to the door and tried to press the button to get out the door.”

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At around 8:10 a.m. that morning, Diego-Bradley went to the Assistant in the reservation area and said he was left behind by the detail of the job. The deputy then opened the door for Diego-Bradley, who began walking towards the group in detail of the job.

When the deputy closed the door, Diego-Bradley would have turned in another direction, removed his work vest and finally started running. At around 8:15 am, an assistant contacted the supervisor once he realized that Diego-Bradley had just escaped from prison.

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The police were alerted by dispatch and began to search for him.

It’s unclear exactly what happened next or how Deigo-Bradley got to Mexico. Sources tell that Deigo-Bradley had family in the country.

Diego-Bradley was sentenced on August 9, according to investigation reports. He remains in the Bonneville County Jail and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 17.

Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Bryan Lovell said they are always looking for ways to improve. Since the incident with Diego-Bradley, the sheriff’s office has taken steps to do so.

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