Maui man arrested after series of reckless driving incidents including hit and run

Marcus Ruggerio. PC: Maui Police Department

Maui police arrested a man in Wailuku on Saturday after a series of reports of reckless driving across the island on Saturday morning, which included allegations of oncoming driving in Lahaina, a hit and run crash in Wailuku that left injuries a man from Waikapū and a collision with a parked car in Makena.

The wave of incidents ended about four hours after the initial report, with police apprehending Marcus Ruggerio, 56, in Mākena, in the bay of La Perugia, on a list of criminal and criminal offenses.

According to police records, Ruggiero has a history of 77 arrests, with 58 convictions – 15 for felonies, 24 for misdemeanors and 19 for minor misdemeanors. At the time of his arrest, police said the man was on bail for: attempted murder, three counts of resisting an arrest order, two counts of reckless driving and two counts of driving with a suspended license .

The wave of incidents began around 5:10 a.m. on Saturday, September 25, 2021, when Lahaina patrol officers received a report of a reckless motorist driving on the Lahaina ring road. The vehicle, described as a blue Nissan Altima, was reported to be traveling in oncoming traffic lanes.

Lahaina patrol officers found the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop, but say the driver failed to stop and continued towards Wailuku. They identified the driver as Marcus Ruggiero and ended the pursuit for the safety of persons on the road.


“Ruggiero has a long history of escaping police from his vehicle, and in doing so, puts everyone on the road at risk due to his reckless disregard for everyone’s safety,” according to a press release issued by the police. .


Subsequently, information regarding the vehicle and the operator was transmitted to all units in Wailuku, KÄ«hei and Lahaina via a police dispatch.

At around 5:57 a.m., police said Ruggiero was seen driving to Wailuku town, where an off-duty officer on his way to work saw the blue Nissan Altima colliding with a pedestrian. who was jogging along the road on the Honoapi’ilani highway. .

“The officer on leave immediately called for help and rescued the pedestrian as Ruggiero walked away without attempting to stop and help,” according to departmental reports. The pedestrian, a 27-year-old man from WaikapÅ«, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center for further treatment.


At around 6:20 a.m., police said the suspect was again reported as driving recklessly on the Haleakalā Highway. Wailuku patrol officers located the vehicle traveling on the Hāna Expressway in the direction of Pāʻia. Wailuku patrollers attempted to stop Ruggiero, who was again identified with certainty by the patrollers.

“Ruggiero continued towards the town of Pāʻia, fully aware that the police were trying to arrest him; however, he failed to stop as required by law, ”police said. “Again, due to the dangerous road conditions created by Ruggiero, officers ceased all attempts to stop the vehicle,” and information regarding the vehicle and the operator was again transmitted to all units. .

At around 8:25 a.m., the blue Nissan Altima was reportedly in the Mākena area, having collided with a car parked near Mākena State Park. Kīhei patrol officers were able to locate the vehicle in the parking lot at La Pérouse Bay. Officers surrounded the vehicle and placed Ruggiero (who was still in the vehicle) under arrest. Ruggiero was arrested without incident and transported to Kīhei police station.

Upon arrival at KÄ«hei Police Station, officers enlisted the help of officers from the Traffic DUI task force. Traffic investigators, who are also certified as drug recognition experts, spoke to Ruggiero and were able to detect signs of drug impairment. In addition, police say they learned that Ruggiero was a repeat offender of driving under the influence of intoxicants (OVUII).

Ruggiero was charged on Saturday with the following offenses:

  1. Reckless driving (2 counts)
  2. Resistance order to stop
  3. Driving while license suspended (2 counts)
  4. Accidents with serious bodily injury
  5. Obligation to render assistance
  6. First degree negligent injury
  7. Obligation in the event of a strike of the unattended vehicle
  8. Routine operation of a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicating substance
  9. Obligation in the event of a strike of the unattended vehicle

In addition, the bail / surety for the above mentioned charges in which Ruggiero was on bail was also revoked, and he was also arrested for this.

The total bond was set at $ 264,000 and Ruggiero remained in custody at the last report at the Wailuku Police Station.

Lt. William Hankins, MPD traffic commander, said: “Ruggiero’s arrest was a collaborative effort of all the patrol districts, Lahaina, Wailuku and KÄ«hei. The fact that no one has been killed by Ruggiero yet is nothing short of a miracle.

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