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Photo submitted McDonald’s Caleb Domitrovich holds his swing tracker earlier this season during a golf game. Domitrovich became the first McDonald’s athlete to qualify for the state tournament in two sports in the same season this year.

MCDONALD – High school multisport athletes are very common these days – football players in the fall can play basketball in the winter or baseball in the spring, distance runners in the fall can run in the spring or the Volleyball players in the fall can play basketball in the winter and / or softball in the spring.

However, competing in two sports in the same season, while hitting school records in both, is much less common.

McDonald’s junior Caleb Domitrovich reached those heights this fall, becoming the first athlete in McDonald’s history to qualify and compete at state championships in two different sports in the same season – golf and cross-country. -country.

“McDonald’s has seen a lot of great athletes go by and knowing that I’m here for something that no one else has done is really cool.” Domitrovich said.

He finished tied for 19th in the Division III State Golf Tournament on Oct. 15-16, and then came 41st in the state’s cross country competition on Nov. 6.

“It was a really cool experience to be there for both of you”, said Domitrovich. “They are both very elite and I set myself high goals for both. I didn’t achieve some of these goals but it was a good experience and I hope to go back next year and do a little better in both.

Domitrovich came in just short of his ambitious goal of winning Ohio honors for both sports, which involves finishing in the top 10 for golf and the top 20 for cross country. -country.

Both of his coaches believe that if he continues to work as hard as he did, there is no reason he cannot reach those milestones as a senior next fall.

“Goal setting is the # 1 thing – you have to have something to keep yourself hungry” McDonald Boys cross country coach Kyle Joynes said. “Motivating him has never been difficult, but he knows that being in the top 20 in the state won’t be an easy task and he’s going to have to cover a lot of miles in winter and summer, but I have no doubts his ability to do the necessary work.

McDonald’s boys golf coach Matt Vuckovic said one of the things Domitrovich struggled with during the state golf tournament was hitting the fairways off the tee – something Vuckovic adds that Domitrovich hasn’t had any problems with the whole season.

“It was a very difficult thing to deal with on the spot because he hadn’t struggled with his tee shots all year, and then it was only two days where nothing seemed to go where he wanted.” said Vuckovic. “He just has to play through when these things happen and keep working on the little things.”

But Domitrovich hasn’t only been successful in golf and cross-country – he also runs cross-country for the track in the spring. In fact, Joynes said Domitrovich won Ohio honors in the 3,200-meter race after finishing eighth in the event at the state competition on June 5, helping McDonald to finish second in the division. III as a team at the state track and field competition.

Vuckovic said Domitrovich’s dedication is something that sets him apart both as a golfer and as a runner.

“With him doing cross country and golfing, I think some people would easily avoid certain things or skip a few workouts here and there, but that’s not the case with him at all,” Vuckovic added. “If he comes to golf he goes home and immediately starts running and if he goes to cross country and not golf he is going to hit 150 balls at the driving range or go to the course until he does. night.”

It’s hard enough to balance playing a sport with the demands of time and the responsibilities of homework and other activities, but Domitrovich takes care of the dawn to dusk to balance golf, ski touring. background and school.

“There are a lot of early mornings and late nights – getting ready to get up and run before school and go to the golf course until nightfall” said Domitrovich. “My parents do a good job of leading me around and making sure everything is done, so I am grateful to them.”

Domitrovich said he hopes to continue his sports activities at the college level, adding that he has already been in contact with a few schools.

“I received a few offers, but I did not decide anything” said Domitrovich. “Right now I’m leaning towards golf, but that could change. I leave both doors open for golf or running, but I really want to keep competing in college.

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