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A motorist who deliberately ran over a cyclist after the victim spat on his luxury Land Rover during road rage has been jailed for 18 months.

Retired engineer Alan Moult, 74, left Nick Cook with multiple injuries after stepping on him “in a moment of madness” at Stockport, Greater Manchester in July 2020, a court heard.

Moments earlier, Moult had lost his temper when Cook accidentally collided with his vehicle at a traffic light after a garbage truck suddenly pulled up in front of him.

Dashcam footage recorded Moult’s wife, Irene, begging him to avoid confrontation as Moult accelerated after the victim, accusing him of damaging the exterior mirror of his Freelander.

“It’s not worth it – don’t do it, my love,” she said.

He ignored her and caught up with Cook to chat with him on the side of the road. After Cook spat on the hood of the Land Rover, Moult climbed back into the driver’s seat, put his foot down and crushed the victim under the wheels of the car, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard. .

While Cook lay seriously injured, Moult called him an “asshole”.

The victim was left with his pelvis broken in two places, six broken ribs and a punctured liver. He then lost his job and is now too afraid to ride a bike. He still cannot bend over to tie his shoelaces, the court said.

This week Moult admitted to causing serious injuries through reckless driving. He has also been given a three-year travel ban, which will begin upon his release from prison.

In mitigation, his defense attorney, Rachel Shenton, said there was “a certain amount of sting” from Cook as the attack approached, but Moult expressed “bitter regret. “for what he had done.

“If his vehicle hadn’t been damaged, this would never have happened. It was a moment of madness, “she told the court.

During Moult’s conviction, the judge, recorder Dan Prowse, said of Cook’s spitting: “It was clearly an act of provocation, but your response was grossly disproportionate. You deliberately rushed towards Mr. Cook, accelerating sharply, pointing your vehicle directly at him, and he drove under your vehicle.

“Your wife was screaming and was obviously scared, but your response, knowing that you had just run over this man, was to say the word ‘prick’.

You were consumed with anger and wanted a confrontation with Mr. Cook. You purposely knocked down this angry man in an action that could have been fatal. ”

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