New K-drama Snowdrop debuts on Disney + Hotstar this week

Looking for a new K-drama to watch this holiday season?

The highly anticipated Korean drama, Snowdrops, debuts on Disney + Hotstar for Asian audiences on December 18. Starring BLACKPINK’s Jung Hae-in and Jisoo, the new period drama series will explore the forbidden love between a young couple.

Against the backdrop of the political turmoil that swept across the Korean Peninsula in 1987, the 16-part drama K was written by Yoo Hyun-mi and directed by Jo Hyun-tak – the duo behind the 2018 thriller Sky Castle.

What is the Snowdrop k-drama about?

When a bloodied man (Jung Hae-In) breaks into the dormitory of a women’s university in Seoul, Eun Yeong-ro (Jisoo) goes against his best judgment and risks being deported for hiding the man to his abusers and tend to his injuries. Unbeknownst to Yeong-ro, the man has a poignant secret that threatens to endanger the safety of his friends and family, and the two young lovers will have to work together to overcome obstacles.

Centered around a forbidden romance of a young couple, Snowdrops presents Jisoo’s first performance in a K-drama and will take viewers on an emotional roller coaster full of excitement, action and romance. As Yeong-ro, she goes against her family and her country to help the man she loves and the mysterious blood-soaked man goes out of his way to save the one thing he loves more than his country.

Director Jo Hyun-tak said, “Snowdrop, which will air on Disney + Hotstar, is the heartwarming story of a young couple. It all started with a pounding heart, but the two find themselves enduring excruciating pain as they fall into a heartbreaking love that is rarely encountered in a lifetime. I hope the audience will join us in finding out whether this romance is a loving blessing or a terrible curse.

Snowdrops was announced in October as part of The Walt Disney Company’s APAC content showcase, where it unveiled 28 new APAC titles and ambitious plans to green light more than 50 APAC originals by 2023. Fans Korean content can also enjoy other APAC originals, including Outrun by Running Man as well as upcoming releases: BLACKPINK THE MOVIE, Rookie Cops, Grid and Moving.

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