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After the college football games are over on Saturday, that’s when my work begins as I flip through the coaches film of each game, take notes and write reports.

Here are 10 games of 22 that jumped off the week 3 strip and help illustrate the skills of several notable prospects.

Malik Willis, QB, Liberty (6-0, 218)

While the competition hasn’t been stellar, Willis has been outstanding in three games: 71% passing completed, 11 touchdowns (seven assists, four rushing) and no interceptions. He was responsible for six touchdowns against Old Dominion on Saturday, including that 38-yard pass in the second quarter.

The Liberty offensive shows a 3 × 1 formation with moves to the right (“Trio to the right”) and a single receiver to the left. With weak security likely helping on the travel side, Willis knows he has unique coverage to the limit and the receiver does a great job selling the stop and go pattern to create vertical separation. When he sees the cornerback caught off guard, Willis throws a nice tactile pass to the receiver for six points. Willis has shown marked improvement with his ball placement in three games this season – a welcome sign for NFL scouts.

Kyle Hamilton, DS, Notre-Dame (6-3, 218)

Another week, another impact game of college football’s best security. At the end of the first quarter, Purdue decides to go there instead of the long field goal on the fourth and 1 against Notre Dame. The wide receiver kicks in and takes the transfer with plenty of track to allow it to pick up the yard and move the chains.

However, Hamilton sees the play go immediately and shoots downhill for the stop and no winning. Purdue’s tight end should have been able to block Hamilton, but he underestimated the speed of closing the safety in the lane and went to the next defender.

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